Friday, May 20, 2022
Friday, May 20, 2022


Dear Editor,

I am what you consider a fluid voter. I voted ULP in 2005 and 2010. I shifted my support to the NDP in 2015 but unfortunately did not get to vote in that elections. However, I am particularly troubled that as I weigh my options for the upcoming 2020 elections, the NDP is again not presenting a clear plan on what they intend to do, nor the positions they are going to take.

After listening to the recordings of Dr. Friday obfuscating on an important foreign policy question of whether the NDP party still intends to sever ties with Taiwan in favour of mainland China, I am now wondering if I should simply just stay at home.  I am appalled and honestly shocked that Dr. Friday was being less than honest with the Vincentian public.

In his attempt to walk a middle ground, it shows that Dr. Friday is just like any other politician. He is willing to hide behind political niceties rather than stand on principles. For all the recent furore over Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, I love her because as she says, “principles mean nothing until they are uncomfortable to standby”. We do not have to agree on everything but come on, stand for something!

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It is either the party is going with China or not. Voters do not wish to hear when you get in you will decide. What does that actually mean? Should my cousin in Taiwan wait until the election results is announced to hear whether her scholarships is going to be terminated or not; transferred to Beijing with current grades etc? This is the life of a human being you are playing with Dr. Friday!

I am hopping mad about this latest obfuscation by the NDP. It tells that the ghost of the “Ask Ralph” mantra is going to haunt the party again.

NDP continues to take one step forward, and two steps backwards. I really wished Mr Leacock had been selected as the leader now.

Upset NDP sympathiser

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