Sunday, May 29, 2022
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I am aghast. I am deeply annoyed. I am confused. I am incensed.

Put aside politics. Put aside his intentions. The fact that anyone can walk off the streets and go on a personal tour within the walls of Calder clinic beyond the point expected of a visitor while a nurse sits comfortably unbothered is a great concern to me and should be for every right thinking Vincentian.

That Nurse at the minimum needs suspending, though I would not bat an eyebrow if she is fired for bringing the public service into disrepute.

Now I know what is meant by the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

The government needs to get its action together especially as supposedly they are communist and undemocratic. I do not know where else in the world Travis Harry can access medical facilities on his own invitation.


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  1. Should you not be more concerned about the state of the clinic and the fact these nurses have to work in such squalor, you said take the politics out of it but I doubt very much you meant that! The public should and I’m sure most are happy this Travis Harry fella has highlighted this deplorable state of a health establishment. And by the way I have no interest in politic, people first.

  2. One of the problems is that when he is denied access to a clinic by any nurses or clinic staff, he immediately goes on the defensive and starts to pull out party politics and accuse the nurses or being Labour etc! He’s done it before! And he gets very vicious and mean with his commentary! That’s his tactic! Unfortunately he has no respect for any authority in the country nor does he have respect for the fact that we are in a pandemic and he should be going into clinics and facilities wearing a mask so as to protect himself and others!

  3. Clear you dont know the law about filming in a public place. As long as there are no signs saying no filming or mobile phone he is free to do so. The state of the clinic is below standard and the nurse should refuse to work in such conditions as you are putting putting patients life at risk.


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