Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Dear Editor,

For all his ‘I and I’ talk, the bare crux of the matter from reports in the media is that Ras Shaka is too greedy and too political.

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I challenge you and everyone else to listen to what he said and what he didn’t say:

1. He was offered $1.4 million dollars by Harlequin for his land. Today, he is saying if the government offers him $1.5 million, he is gone. Did Shaka got his land valued when making this decision?

2. Shaka was given the land as part of the land reform programme under the NDP government intended to empower Vincentians. Ask him how much he paid for his farmland under that programme. However, the reasonable offer of $10.00 per sq foot today is too low according to him.

If you have followed the issue since the start of that resort project and if you have followed the many videos that Ras Shaka has been featured in over the years, you will realise that he has been propped up by obstructionists of anything that the government does.

Simply put, Ras Shaka is an NDP activist tied to the extreme wing of the party such as Bryan Alexander and Luzette King. Was he taking advice from these people? Any financial advisor would have told him to take the money and run.

So for the sake of politics, he refused $1.4 million because at the time, he was adamant that he was not moving to give the government a ‘black eye’. Today with inevitability setting in, after over a decade, he is telling the unsuspecting public, “I don’t want to stand in the way of development”.

This fork tongue is because the reality confronting Ras Shaka is that legally, he is really only entitled to $450,000 for his farmland.

More telling is the admission that he has not seen much success on the land in recent times due in part because of drought conditions and heavy rains in and out of the season.

Black Vincentians cannot play politics with their own lives then blame the ULP administration. Ras Shaka would have been better advised by his NDP friends at the time to take the money and run. oh what a better position he would have been in today. Oh what a tangle web we weave when we first set out to deceive. This ‘rasta man’ talk is not fooling me. The Vincentian public needs to be more discerning.

Letter Writer

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  1. The man should not sell for less than 4 million . I hate to see such jealousy. I see hard work in that man face. How dear these people Judge him for what he want for his property.


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