Monday, September 27, 2021


Over the years, ever so often, the media in SVG reports on the horrific and shocking news that someone, usually a woman, was brutally subjected to violence or killed, by another person, usually another man, resulting in that woman’s death.

I have heard and/or read the very tragic news of women being beheaded, shot to death, stabbed to death, or being set on fire and later dying in SVG, etc. This is totally unacceptable behaviour and as a society we must never think that it is okay to tolerate such violence against women or anyone for that matter. It is a serious violation of a woman’s fundamental rights and freedoms. Women deserve to live free from violence in public and private and to have their lives respected.

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Ladies and gentlemen, if the relationship is over or if you feel so angry with someone, your current partner or an ex-lover that you may want to harm them, maybe that is a sign that you should leave, that you should walk away, or that you should end things with the other person, or if it is already over or never was, to deal with whatever issues you may have with the other person and/or to move on in peace.

Unless you may not be aware, this is a reminder to all Vincentians that offences such as murder, threats to murder, wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent, wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm, common assault, assault causing actual bodily harm, etc., are still very much crimes under SVG’s Criminal Code that may be prosecuted in a court of law.

Women and other affected persons who may be experiencing domestic violence, if you are not already aware, please note that SVG has a Domestic Violence Act, 2015, and under that act, various provisions may be used to protect victims of domestic violence, such as women and girls.

I hope that the relevant laws are being enforced in SVG in order to protect women who may be victims of domestic violence and that the relevant authorities and/or persons are being properly trained and sensitized on issues surrounding domestic violence.

There is too much violence happening in SVG. Too many women are being abused, being threatened with death and/or dying at the hands of their partners, ex-lovers, etc. Just one death is too many. The killing of women in SVG is a violation of women’s rights. The life of each woman is valuable because they are human beings born with inalienable human rights.

Together, let us as Vincentians work to help end the violence in our beautiful country so that SVG can be a better country for all. Thank you kindly for your time.

Author: Jeshua Bardoo is a 2012 Vincentian National Exhibition Scholar and a 2019/20 Chevening Scholar studying an LLM International Human Rights Law at Brunel University London. He can be contacted at

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinions or editorial position of BreadFruit News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to

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