Preliminary results indicate that the United National Congress (UNC) Deputy Political Leader Ms. Jearlean John lost in her bid to capture the La Horquetta/Talparo constituency in the recently concluded general elections.

In an interview with the Guardian media, she said that she was not disappointed for herself but the entire constituency. However, the UNC leader was heavily criticised for attempting to bribe voters during the election. She was photographed distributing stoves, beds, refrigerators and other furniture and appliances.

After the elections results, several persons sought to find out if she will take back the goods from persons after a poor showing in the polls.

Some of the Facebook comments read:

“Since the beginning of unc, they been giving them stuff and they’ve been taking it and still voting back pnm into power … hard habit to break . East west corridor ?? Built that way”

“Why would you vote for ppl openly offering bribes…Maybe you would do that…But I doubt it…Corrupt campaign = corrupt leaders”.

“The people thank you for the beds.. They slept well last night, knowing that the PNM won…”

“Allyuh take the lady fridge and stove and still didn’t vote for her? allyuh so cut Jesus slippers wi”.

“can dey come and take back dey stuff? Asking for mi neighbour” 

“Look out for REPOSSESSION of all yuh Appliances”


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