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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Doc, once again, I am sorry that such an attempt was made to embarrass you last night. I want you to know that women stand with you, acknowledging your worth, potential and the efforts that you’ve made and continue to make so as to ensure a bright future for SVG. You’re a woman, thus you’re a champion, regardless.

I must say though, I’ve been bothered, long before your attack was launched. I’ve been bothered about the way women are treated in SVG. I’ve been bothered about the level of disrespect given to us, even amongst ourselves. I’ve been bothered by the blind eye turned to domestic abuse, sexual abuse, discrimination and many other issues that affect us as Vincentians, especially women. These issues burden so many homes and our communities, resulting in the prevalence of many social ills in today’s society. These issues affect the mental health of many of our women in the workplace, home, school, church etc. I do support every woman who takes up the task of leading (in this case politically) even though I may not support the party to which she belongs.

Why do I bring this to you? I am aware that you’re not the only female who has entered politics and I’m hoping that many more women will be as fearless and excited to lead our country. However, I have been watching what I deem to be “your campaign” or at least parts of your campaign. I understand that campaign teams are necessary and there are people who you trust to promote you and represent you. That’s fine. That’s normal. That’s politics.

My issue is, I’ve been seeing your name in many statuses; tagged. Some of these statuses made by your very strong supporter(s) have been attempting to destroy women. I’ve seen mention of other women’s inability to bring forth children; women’s failed relationships and their resulting depression and mental illnesses all because they were “stupid” to be with certain men; women’s alleged sexual abuse when they were teenagers. I’ve seen women get the blame for men’s wrong doings. Now, I am not saying that the other parties that engaged in these disputes were innocent because some of your supporters or members of your campaign team also received their “share of words”.

But you were tagged, on multiple occasions. While you cannot control someone’s behaviour, you can send a strong message to us women by ensuring that you are not tagged in these degrading statuses more than once. I’ve seen you comment on one of the young lady’s posts who “lashed back” at one of your supporters and you commented on her status, without being tagged. Your comment was simple and not disrespectful, but you said something. I wished you had said something more, earlier and firm to those who actually tagged you in statuses that involved certain behaviours. The comments are there and so is your name.


Doc, I want you to know that I will defend you, fight for you and stand up for you in the name of #womanhood any time. We know what women go through. We know the battles we still face in many societies, all because we want to be treated better. However, I want you to also know that I will fight for other women too. I will speak up for other women too. And in the event there is a war with woman against woman, I’d take the side of the innocent one. But before we can go there, there is so much that takes our innocence from us, like silence. Silence sometimes makes us guilty.

I ask that you be silent no more in instances like these. I cannot comment on whether or not a private rebuke was given because what was done, was done publicly and I must comment as I see it. We all can do better as women. As a matter of fact, we no longer have a choice. Let us step it up. Speak to the women you allow to represent you.

Yours respectfully,

Woman to Woman.

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