Sunday, June 13, 2021


The ULP had substance, style and wowed me from the start. As a national living in the United States, I was really impressed with the presentation of all the candidates. It is hard to pick which of the newcomers was most impressive as each brought a different flavour which was so refreshing.

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By the time I listened to Carlos, I was already seasoned for one of the best speeches I’ve personally heard from Prime Minister Gonsalves. I am no political neophyte. I am 33 years old and have a love for politics but there was something about last night that was so inspirational.

I was blown away by the testimony of Dr. Gonsalves. I guess we see leaders and take it that they do not understand our daily struggles. Having heard how he grew up in worse off conditions than my generation today were points well made. As a student he made me rethink many decisions and I challenged myself to even work harder. We are so conditioned to complain about everything because we are disconnected from our history. I can’t imagine walking to and from school barefooted or being chased out of a country because I stood on principle.

In no way my output or life’s journey has matched the ‘many rivers that Dr Gonsalves has had to cross’. If I am able to convert last night’s snippets of wisdom from the great leader into my own life, then I am sure that I can similarly make an impact in my own field.

I wish to tell the ULP team, from its leadership, candidates to members, if throughout the campaign the message is as pure, open and focused as last night, I have no doubts about the party’s chances for a 5th term.

It was nice not having to listen to cuss outs. It was nice hearing about the candidates themselves. Stories connect as we are able to see ourselves in the narrative. Don’t get distracted by atmospheric noises.

I want to come home to vote to secure the 5th term for the party I once left in 2010.


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