Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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The New Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman Daniel Cummings says this election was the most important in a generation and would decide the nation’s future.

He said in a press statement released by the party today that:

“The ULP will do and say anything to win this election to keep the leadership of the country in the family, handing it to Camillo. It is time for change.”

The party is presenting a united front following a contentious Central Executive meeting which met among other things to decide who will represent the party in the Marriaqua Constituency.

Social media went into tailspin for a successive week as news emerged that former ULP hopeful Kirk DaSilva who was elected by the constituency committee failed to gain the confidence of the Central Executive of the party.

The NDP Central Executive has chosen to throw its support behind former representative Bernard Wyllie who represented the constituency between 1989 – 1998.

With the process completed, the party says:

“The Central Committee of the New Democratic Party has unanimously endorsed Dr Godwin Friday’s team to fight the next election and get St Vincent and the Grenadines working”.

NDP President Dr Godwin Friday said the team were “focused on jobs, better healthcare, new investment in infrastructure and delivering on promises after 19 long years of the ULP”.

“My team is ready to get St Vincent and the Grenadines working after 19 long years of the ULP not delivering on their promises to Vincentians.” He said.

“I have made clear to every candidate, this election we are fighting to deliver a long term plan for jobs and growth to help every man, woman and child”.

“Too many people, especially young people, do not have jobs, and I want people to realise their potential here at home and not be forced to leave in search of work”.

“Every vote in every constituency counts. Every vote for my NDP candidate is a vote for jobs, growth, better healthcare and a better future.”

Meanwhile, West Kingstown MP Daniel Cummings said.

“19 years of the ULP is long enough. They promised a new hospital, a new national stadium, geothermal energy, a new boardwalk, new hotels – none have been built. 395 businesses have shut their doors, and thousands are unemployed. Now is the time for people to vote for their local NDP candidate.”


The party which has placed an emphasis on creating jobs in its current campaign said:

“According to the IMF, almost half (46%) of young people in St Vincent and the Grenadines are unemployed. Unemployment has risen from 20% in 2001 to at least 26% in 2019 under the ULP”.

“St Vincent and the Grenadines has one of the smallest incomes per person in the Eastern Caribbean, with the value of the economy being $7,359 per person compared to over $16,727 in Antigua and Barbuda”.

“The economy is growing slower than our neighbours, according to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, in 2019 the local economy only grew by 0.89%. Compared to Grenada’s economy that grew by 2% and Antigua’s economy grew by 3%”.

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