Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I am having a problem and I believe you are the best person to help me. I am 42 and I have three children. My husband is 35 and he has one child.

The father of two of my children left me and went abroad. He said that he was going to come back and marry me but he did not keep his word. He got married to another woman who was my schoolmate.

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But they were always very close. After I did not hear from him, I got a call from this woman and she told me that her conscience was bothering her. She told me that she and him got married.

She said that she was only trying to help him. But it turned out that she got to love him, but she didn’t want to hurt me. I started to tremble and I dropped the phone. I eventually got over that and I found this very decent man.

He gives me everything; some of my girlfriends have told me that I am very lucky to have a man who allows me to control everything. I am working and he bought a car and he takes the bus to work and allows me to drive the car. Sometimes when I see how my children and my husband play together, I say to myself, ‘I am glad that their father left them to this man’. I have never seen their father play with them.

One thing I give my children’s father credit for is that he has never failed to support them. His wife has asked me to allow them to come and spend some time with them. I have not made up my mind. I know that she would treat them well but I can’t make up my mind. The children do not have visas, so I would have to get visas for them.

But I can’t go with my children to visit their father because I don’t have anywhere to stay and I don’t want him to suggest that I stay with them. I know he would suggest that.

Three times while making love to my husband, I have called my babyfather’s name and my husband was alarmed that I did so.

He is convinced that I am still in love with this man. Pastor, his name just slipped out of my mouth and nothing more. My husband does not think that I am speaking the truth.

Thank you in advance for your advice.


Source: Jamaica Star

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