Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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I am 30 and I work in the government service. I am married and my husband is living in the US. We have been married for two years.

Since we have been together, I have resisted every other man. I can swear that I have never cheated.

My husband told me that before he met me, he was in a relationship; in fact, he was engaged to a woman, but he cheated on her.

That broke her heart. She took off so much weight, she was almost skin and bone. So, he said he would never do that to another woman.

Well, Pastor, I believed him. Last year, he said he would come here to be with me for Christmas and stay over until the second week of January. I was looking forward to seeing him.

Then I got a call from him saying that his mother was not well and his sister was not in the US, so he had to stay with his mother. I told him that I understood.

Unknown to him, I planned to surprise him with a visit. My boss gave me a week off from work because I confided in him that I longed to be with my husband.

When I got to the US, a girlfriend picked me up and took me to her place. Then I called my husband and chatted with him. He thought I was in Jamaica.

He said he was home, so after a while my girlfriend took me to his place and drove away. His car was parked at the front of the house as usual.

I opened the door and went in. To my shock, he was naked in bed with another woman.

When the woman saw me she started to use expletives and wanted to know who I was, and all my husband kept saying was, “What are you doing here?”

My husband became a total fool and could not explain himself. I called my girlfriend and asked her to pick me up.

I cried all night. I could not sleep. I had to tell my girlfriend the truth. The following day, my husband called me, but I hung up on him.

I bought a ticket and went to Washington, DC to stay with friends. This man told me he was a cheater, but said that he had changed and would never cheat on me.

When I got back to Jamaica, my boss asked me how was the trip and I told him it was great. The next day, my secretary saw me crying and asked what was wrong.

I told her I was not feeling well. I went home early and my husband called, begging me to forgive him.

I cannot forgive this man. Right now I don’t have clean thoughts. I don’t care anymore. I can have men. They were all over me in the past. I want to take revenge.

I am going to give my husband ‘bun’ and have him feel what I have been feeling. I don’t want another husband, but I know I can’t live without a man and it is only cheating that will go on.


Source: Jamaica Star

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