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Monday, September 26, 2022
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As SVG gets closer to the next General Elections that will be held before the end of this year 2020, the ULP is readying itself to present a full slate of 15 candidates to the people. This great party, has since its formation, showed the people of this country, its willingness to accept constant refreshing of personnel at all levels as absolutely necessary and as such, has constantly brought new candidates in the mix. The ULP values those who bring experience to the process and this is represented by older, more experienced candidates who participate, but our party also sees the importance of youth that brings with it a freshness, youthful vigour, and new ideas among many other positive attributes. This acceptance of the importance of youth is evidenced in the number of young candidates the ULP has offered to the people of this country for their consideration as representatives in the parliament.

Last week Wednesday, August 19, 2020, the ULP launched four new candidates who have offered themselves to the people, seeking their support and vote in the upcoming general elections. Immediately, the internet went buzzing about these four new exciting candidates and what they potentially bring to the process. These candidates possess all the qualities that the electorate looks for when choosing representatives, so there is no wonder that the ULP supporters are excited about what is to come while the NDP is in panic mode, desperately seeking candidates that can match the excellence of these 4 candidates.

ULP virtual launch of new candidates

The highly anticipated lunch of the 4 new candidates was evident as those individuals were already on the ground in the respective constituencies and, from all accounts, were being well received by constituents. This was their time to be formally introduced to the Vincentian public on the platform that they chose to identify with: the popular, progressive Unity Labour Party. The 4 candidates launched were Orando Brewster MD, Ms. Mineva Glasgow PhD, Dominic Sutherland ACCA and Curtis King a lifelong educator. These 4 candidates come from varied backgrounds, in terms of training and life experiences, but one thing they have in common, is their willingness and readiness to serve, bolstered by their capacity as evidenced by their certification. The ULP and the country can be proud in these their sons and daughter who after receiving much from their country, have now decided to give back.

Let’s take a brief look at the candidates to get a sense of who they are and what they can offer. 

Mineva Glasgow PhD, or Sister Mini as she is known in the community through her work in the church, needs very little introduction nationally since her work spans years of national service. The former Assistant Director of the NIS, MS G, as she is called by those who interacted with her professionally, has touched the lives of thousands, through her dedication to nation building, ensuring the pensions of the workers of this country are well managed. While she has attained the highest levels of certification available, earning her PhD, she remains the humble lady from Questelles, ready and willing to offer proper representation to her people.


Orando Brewster MD, a young medical doctor, from the village Texier Road in the town of Layou, comes from humble beginnings, but has never strayed far from the teachings of those who raised him. He is a community man who is involved in youth work in his community through his church, keeping connected with those around him providing an example of excellence through hard work, regardless of your environment. Those whom he taught as a young teacher in Barrouallie, those with whom he fellowships and those with whom he interacts daily, all admit that Randy, as he is affectionately called, is the man for Central Leeward.

Dominic Sutherland, a soft-spoken young man who, despite his gentle approach cannot be taken for granted. He has offered himself to represent the people of Central Kingstown, who for the past 10 years, have seen the exit of nobility in representation and the introduction and proliferation of “bad-manism” or “rude-boyism” in the current representative of CK. Dominic, a trained and certified accountant, one who is widely respected in the business community by those who have been recipients of his expertise, will bring the same level of dedication, hard work and  professionalism to the parliament as he represents the people.

Curtis King, is a lifelong educator, recently retired as Head Master of the St. Vincent Grammar School who has had a very successful tenure climbing the ranks to principal. Two things stand out about Curtis: Firstly, nationally, he has long been associated with bodies such as the National Youth Council from a young age, to participating in the struggle of teachers as a very active member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union, but secondly and most importantly, he has been very active in his community in the various youth and community groups, working with residents of all ages in the areas of sports and culture. He is definitely no “johnny come lately” nor a “bird of passage” when it comes to his interaction with and representation of the people of West St. George.


That very brief introduction of the new candidates launched by the ULP last Wednesday August 19, 2020 is but a taste of what’s to come and you would hear more about and from them in the coming weeks leading up to the elections. By the time this article is published, the fifth and final candidate to be launched representing the ULP in the Northern Grenadines, would have been launched and ratified by the National Council of the ULP. The new slate of candidates is a full mixture of youth and experience, with 3 of them being under the age of 50. The quality of these candidates from their certification to experience stands head and shoulder of what the NDP offers to the electorate, and that is no surprise as the excellence of the ULP continues to attract candidates of excellence.

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