Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Hi Orande. (Dr. Brewster),

This is Dr. Jerrol Thompson and welcome to the Medical Fraternity. We are all very proud of your achievements so far and the many, many more to come. Kenton seems to have absolutely no respect for you and is trying all sorts of simple psychology for which he has never had the training in this subject that you have had as preparation to become a doctor.

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He is scared and hopes others will tell you, deceptively, that you are too young, you are unprepared, leave it to the retired. They don’t believe any young person should be part of the “Say” or express their voice. They pretend to be friends, when their advice is devious and designed to dissuade and discourage you but It is quite clear why.

For others see that you have a huge potential as a young professional to be an inspiration to our youth, the people of Central Leeward and this nation. This potential frightens these persons like Kenton who should be more concerned with the calibre, veracity and sincerity of his stories or advice. He has long sold his soul to the NDP and his advice is suspect. While currently cast as advice, his articles will soon turn to attack you, just as we have seen as a desperation of fake news (the other pandemic).

You have a tremendous opportunity to help shape lives, livelihoods and the future through the policies you will be involved in crafting, create and implement, a much higher and larger quest and challenge. Whether you see individual patients as a form of service or you provide service to your community and the nation, we know that your Hippocratic oath is not based on just a need for personal financial gain, it is service which does not always end in personal or financial reward but there is no higher goal than human service.

When you combine the ability of your unique talents and profession, a personality based on decency and love of people, the underprivileged and community, this new path of national service to community proves a genuine love for God.

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  1. That’s like the advice you gave me 30 odd years ago upstairs the Cyrus emporium we were making props for Joubert ole mas. I asked about the St George’s University that you were attending, it was the worse place ever and if there was a choice you would apply to another school; so convincing were you, that I thought you were going to change school but you proceeded and graduated. Your truly got so discouraged and put off and wasted a year before applying because if it was that bad. Then I had that epiphany if it was so bad why were you still going there.

    After I graduated you were at Methodist Hospital in NY. I happen to be In Manhattan live don 14 street. I went into Methodist as a curious person, dressed in a brand new sweater and jeans. Mere coincidence I happened to see you and foolishly thoughT, oh there is a country man . Hello Dr. Thompson. Hi how are you? My conversation was how do I get a residency, but you had no desire to see me succeed, far from that your main focus was on the fact that I was not dressed in a suit and therefore not good enough to speak to you in your white coat. However here you are telling this young man to pursue a trade of nasty politics rather than complete his internship and find a residence and come back to the politics later. Do you really have his interest at heart or just your selfish aggrandisement


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