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PM GONSALVES TEASES BRAMBLE: Lift Jesus higher, that means Jesus low?

In a national press conference earlier yesterday morning, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that many of the persons who have benefitted from the government’s policy on education usually referred to as the education revolution is helping to ‘lift the country higher’.

The statement which is a spin on the ULP’s 2020 elections campaign slogan “Lift SVG Higher” was recently criticised by NDP’s East Kingstown candidate, Fitz Bramble.

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In a recent interview Fitz Bramble was quoted as saying:

“I am recognising and realising more and more that St. Vincent and the Grenadines needs a rescue mission. This country, economically, is at rock bottom right now.”

“The only way we can go is up. So when you hear people talking about lifting SVG higher, they are correct because where we are right now it’s only up we could go.”

However, Gonsalves at the press conference referring to Shanika John, Health Promotion Officer in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment said as a product of the education revolution, she was working to lift the country higher .

“We have helped her to lift it high and she is helping us to lift it higher.”

“I see somebody say Ralph says lift it higher and the reason why, it so low, you have to lift it higher but that person obviously never went to an Evangelical or Pentecostal church.”

“Lift Jesus higher, that means Jesus low?”

“No, Jesus already high, that’s where it comes from, you can tell when a [fella] ain’t going church or who does not understand Pentecostalism, Evangelism, Methodism.”

“Lift Jesus higher, lift SVG higher, so I just want to make that point. It tells you a lot about people when they make certain comments.”

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