Saturday, August 13, 2022
Saturday, August 13, 2022
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A source close to the New Democratic Party has told BreadFruit News that in a sit down with Party President, Dr. Hon Godwin Friday, East Kingstown candidate Fitz Bramble was asked to step back from the national campaign for two weeks or so.

“While Bramble is free to continue his work in East Kingstown, you will notice that since August 27th he hasn’t been featured on any of the NDP’s public meetings etc. He has one more week to reflect on the storm he created when he went doing his own thing without passing his plans by the party for vetting”.

The former national footballer who is a trained economist was forced to call into radio recently to withdraw several plans he once touted as part of 20 initiatives he developed for the East Kingstown constituency.

It was a plan to introduce a toll system at Sion Hill that received heavy criticism on social media and radio.

Bramble had initially said:

“On top of Sion Hill, right there, that is an area that can be developed into a commercial hub”.

“at some point, you make it where vehicles pay a toll to come into town,” Mr. Bramble said, adding that he knows people don’t like to hear about paying money”.

The EC$1 fee will be charged every time vehicles go through Sion Hill to go into the Windward side or to come into town, Mr. Bramble said at the time.

About Turn

After days of criticism, an about turn came with the economist who moved back from Canada to replace incumbent Hon Arnhim Eustace saying:

“This is an idea that was touted to me by a constituent. I never said anything about charging a toll. Charging a toll is not my policy. It is certainly not the policy of the NDP for sure. The NDP is not going to charge no toll to anybody”.

“As an economist, I would be crazy to even recommend something like that”.

Following the private rebuke by Dr. Friday who was said to be livid at Bramble for speaking out of turn, the party has decided to put the matter behind them.

All candidates must now have their plans vetted centrally before making statements publicly.

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