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The Royal SVG Police Force Receives Donation of Face Masks from Paladin

The corporate sector of St. Vincent and the Grenadines continues to partner with the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) in the fight to contain the spread Corona Virus.

To this end, Paladin SVG Inc, a security firm registered in SVG donated a quantity of KN95 facemasks to Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John at the Office of the Commissioner of Police on Thursday September 10. 2020. The donation was made by Mr. Vance Garraway, Sales Executive of Paladin SVG Inc.

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On receiving the facemasks, Commissioner John thanked Mr. Garraway on behalf of the RSVGPF for his company’s generous donation and expressed his desire for the continuation of mutual collaboration between the RSVGPF and Paladin SVG Inc.

He stated that the Police is at the forefront of COVID-19 response initiative hence, the facemask would be used not only to protect police officers but members of the public as well. The Commissioner pointed out that in order for SVG to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, every citizen must play their role in ensuring that the protocols adopted are followed.

In his brief remarks, Mr. Garraway pointed out that his company is very pleased to donate the quantity of facemasks to the RSVGPF. According to Mr. Garraway, Paladin SVG Inc goal among other things is to create a safer SVG and a safer world. He opined that the quantity of facemasks will definitely assist in that regard. The sales executive encourages persons to continue to practice social and physical distance and all of the other COVID-19 protocols.

Paladin SVG Inc. has been in operation for five (5) year. The company offers safety and security risks management solution. The directors are Mr. Theodore Browne, Jr. and Ms. Amoy Munroe. The company’s tagline is “building partnerships to create a safer world.”

The donation was witnessed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Leonard Fergus, Superintendent of Police, Mr. Timothy Hazelwood and the company’s directors.

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