Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Dear Editor,

I am surprised St. Vincent and the Grenadines is still on the map today. I had to give it a week to see if the country was sinking just to make sure that my eyes were not fooling me. All last week, the Facebook experts and a Union leader made it out to believe that the country would sink into the abyss if teachers and students returned to the classroom.

I wish persons can take the time and reflect on what has transpired this week. We have had thousands of primary and secondary school children return to the classroom to continue their education without any major incident. Teachers, principals, parents and those in the public transport sector have integrated seamlessly into another school term.

For sure, just like any other time in the pre-covid era, teachers and students have experienced minor challenges and hiccups. This is not unknown or uncommon here or anywhere else in the world. However, think about it for a moment, if you listened to the atmospheric noises on social media, you would have thought that the government was mad to restart school.

It was the same controversy that brewed in a tea cup that was stirred when the government decided to move forward with the CPEA. Those arm chair experts behind social media found 10,000 reasons why this could not happen or why it should not. At each turn, the government has proved the naysayers wrong by applying a good dose of common sense, realism and pragmatism.

The reality is that we can’t shut down our country indefinitely. We cannot act contrary to our own reality and local situation. We are managing the Coronavirus pandemic well and our protocols have ensured to the best that we could, that our general population is protected.

I hope that the public really observes how a focussed and determined government operates rather than one with mood swings determined by arm chair pundits who sets the agenda for the opposition party.

Letter Writer

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