Sunday, May 29, 2022
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The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus has implemented measures, including payment options, to assist its students to continue schooling during the COVID-19 surge across the country.

In a release, the institution said students will be allowed to register once they commence a payment plan with the university. Under the plan, students are required to pay down 15 per cent of the tuition and cover all miscellaneous costs at the start of the school year in August. The remaining amounts are then to be paid on a monthly basis until January 31.

The breakdown comprises a 10 per cent payment by September 30; 20 per cent by October 31; another 20 per cent by November 30; 20 per cent by December 21 and the remaining 15 per cent by January 31, 2021.

The university said it has also received donations of computers, tablets and laptops and other computer equipment from its local and US alumni association chapters, as well as from private and international donors. The equipment are available for borrowing by needy students, who will be able to access them from UWI’s Main Library. The devices can be borrowed for a full semester at a time, as the university moves classes online.

Students will also have free access to the campus’ educational websites, which are zero-rated.

UWI acknowledged that the pandemic has forced it to become more agile in delivering content and pointed out that its academic staff have been trained to deliver the content and interact with students.

“The Mona Campus is constantly assessing the needs of its students. At this point in time, students may be questioning their ability to start or even finish their higher education journey due to unforeseen events brought on by the pandemic,” the UWI said in a release on Thursday.

“As such we deemed it necessary to put measures in place to ensure that none of our students are left behind or prevented from completing their studies, as a result of financial challenges or lack of devices. As the premier institution of higher learning in the Caribbean, it is the duty of the University to do all it can to support our students,” the institution said.

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