Saturday, September 25, 2021


KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) Social and political activist Luzette King has sent a warning to the current Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration that she is back and ready to protest. She asked on a recent Facebook Live, “What would it take Vincentians, black Vincentians especially to run Ralph Gonsalves out of town?” She has sent news of her presence on the ground after an extended period abroad.

Ms King was speaking out against the arrest of her personal doctor, Dr Wayne Murray.

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“It is important that I make myself clear to all Vincentians…I am particularly upset because we Vincentians should not allow this thing [Dr Murray saga] to get so far. We are tippy tipping too much. This is a gentleman who does not put up with nonsense from this regime. He makes it very clear to everyone what upsets him and he is always within the law and his rights”.

She went on further:

“For those of you who didn’t know, I am in St. Vincent…I have come here because I am tired of Vincentians. Every time they are praying, praying, praying. None of you come to me with any prayer if I cry out for help you know, because there is no value in prayer without action”.

“Even Jesus Christ went in the church and chased out the people and them. It is time for us to shut down this town. And I don’t want to break the quarantine for they lock me up when ‘me nah do nothing yet’.”

The activist who rose to national attention following the 2015 general elections and the ensued protest actions said that her protest actions would re-continue on 27th September following a period of quarantine.

“My quarantine finish I think the 26th of September, I will be in Murray Village. And I want ‘alyo’ to join me there. On the 27th meet me in Murray Village”.

“It is not just prayers. It has to be more than prayers. Not the same man who say he hard for dead went into a church to sleep. Somebody should have throw some cold water on him. It is time for us to get rid of Ralph Gonsalves and his mafia-like operators. Get rid of them”.

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