Monday, June 27, 2022
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You are walking around town and notice an old lady selling tomatoes on the side of the road, she says “$10 a bag”. You take a bag of tomatoes and show her a code on your phone. She scans the code then are you on your way.

This sounds like something out of a movie but many scenarios like this are happening all over the world; people buying and selling, sending and receiving money and even paying bills with just their phones.

This might very well be what cashless payment services like Payswif might be leading St. Vincent and the Grenadines to.

Now what is a cashless payment system and what is Payswif?

Cashless payment systems are systems that use websites, mobile apps and other platforms to allow you to conduct business without using cash. These systems make it easy to pay bills online, shop online, and send and receive money locally and internationally.

One thing that many Vincentians who have done business online realize is that payment systems like Paypal often did not allow you to withdraw money without workarounds.

Here comes Payswif, a payment system made by Vincentians for Vincentians. It allows its users to conduct business online in ways that were not possible before. Being able to also send money safely from one person to the next is also something that Payswif does simply.

Payswif is open to everyone as it is as simple as finding a Payswif agent, and adding money to your Payswif wallet.

This allows people who do not have access to credit or debt cards to be able to participate in the vast online marketplace that they may have had to depend on others to access.

Payswif is the beginning of a movement that will soon allow Vincentians to be able to move to a society where they will be able to use their phones for many or all of their purchases or other business.

This is not without significant risk; if Payswif is the only way Vincentians can have access to money where they would usually not be able to it means that it is a single point of failure. If Payswif suffers from Direct Denial of Service (DDos) attacks and other attacks made to slow down or shut down services, then it means that all the money stored or transactions may be put to a standstill.

Payswif also collects and stores user data such as your name, address, phone number, email address identification documents and business documents to name a few.

Now Payswif says that it does not “make claims to owning your personal data”, however after you delete your account they still keep the data for as long as legally possible.

Now this data can be seen as used for book keeping purposes however selling of user data has become a booming business with companies like Facebook and Google being worth millions of dollars because of user data.

Large amounts of transactions all through Payswif will allow them to collect massive amounts of data, while they currently do not sell data there is nothing to stop them from changing their stance.

Despite all these things Payswif is a needed innovation available to Vincentians. It will allow other innovators to see that their apps, services, platforms and markets can succeed; even in the small market that is St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I look forward to see how Payswif is integrated into the lives of Vincentians and how it creates opportunities for other businesses.

The future is now.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vaughn Peters, holder of CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications and is currently studying Computer Science and Information Engineering in Taiwan. Cyber Security enthusiast and lover of technology. He seeks to educate on issues of privacy, security, innovations and other interesting things going on in technology. He can be contacted at and @v_nohat on Twitter

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