Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Water is an essential element of human existence, and without it, both plant and animal life would not thrive. It is important to know the condition of an area’s water supply because of how vital this valuable resource is for daily living, both for humans and for ecosystems along with their inhabitants.

Adopted by Water Environment Federation (WEF) in July 2006, World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) is coordinated by the Water Environment Federation and the International Water Association across more than 80 countries, this day was organised as an international day and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world. WWMD is held annually between September 18 and October 18, and the program was designed to engage communities in monitoring the condition of local rivers, streams, estuaries and other water bodies in order to ensure their water is safe for drinking, swimming, fishing, and farming.

Here are some reasons why we need to conserve water:

  • Our water supply is limited, which means that we do not have a limitless supply. We only have the water that we have now.
  • 97 percent of all the water on the earth is salt water and hence, it is not suitable for drinking.
  • Only three percent of all the water on planet earth is fresh water.
  • Out of that three percent fresh water, only one percent is available for drinking, the other two percent is sealed in glaciers.
  • Many places have dense population and since every one of us relies on that one percent water for their survival, it should be one of our responsibilities to conserve water.
  • Saving water helps in preserving our environment. It reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, which helps in reducing pollution and in conserving fuel resources.
  • Saving water will make water available in the future.
  • It helps in building a better defence against future drought years.
  • We use water for many other important reasons like making electricity, cleaning, cooking, irrigating, etc.
  • We need to conserve water so that our trees and plants can have life.
  • It is also needed for the survival of some endangered species.

Since the inception of WWMD, more than 80,000 persons have participated in 50 countries to encourage and educate people on how to monitor the components of the water in local communities across the globe. Water pollution is a serious problem, there are over 30 countries that have been facing a shortage of water and other issues of water contamination or pollution. Conserving water and preventing water pollution is more and more important with every passing year.

World Water Monitoring Day aims to build public involvement and awareness regarding the protection of water resources around the globe by ensuring that citizens are empowered to carry out standard monitoring of their local water bodies. Testing kits or professional handheld monitoring equipment are usually used to perform testing and sampling of local water bodies for a number of parameters that will determine water quality. Some of these parameters include dissolved oxygen (DO), as well as clarity (turbidity), acidity (pH), temperature and chemicals (e.g. phosphates and nitrates).

The National Environmental Days Commemoration Committee (NEDCC), with representatives from several ministries and government agencies, has engaged educational institutions and stakeholders to commemorate this day, to provide practical education on performing water quality testing and to highlight the importance of performing regular testing and protection of our water supply. These exercises are posted on social media and the NPRBA website so that they can be shared with communities across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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