Saturday, December 4, 2021


KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) Catering Services Able Rating (AB) Shonell Ellis joins an elite group of Vincentians who completed their phase two training programmes as the top student. Ellis completed the 24 weeks training and graduated as the Top Catering Services (CS) student.

In celebrating the award, CS Ellis said, “Proud moment, I made it, thanks to all who supported me. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but it was worth it”.

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The young mother took the tough decision to temporarily leave her kids behind to seek a better life as a member of the Royal Navy. In an Exclusive interview with BreadFruit News, she said it is a sacrifice but “my kids were my biggest motivator when I thought I was a bad mom and neglecting them, they showed me a purpose in life”.

“Now that I have completed my training, I will now explore the world as sailor while mastering the art of being in the catering service”. Her instructor said that she will “reach very far in the Royal Navy” as she is full of potential and great talent.

She advised other young people seeking opportunities to “start every challenge with an open mind and forget about what people may say… at the end of it all, never be afraid to be embarrassed in your struggle, there is no shame in working hard to get where you want to be”.

AB Ellis is of the mindset that “short term sacrifice is for a long-term benefit. Remember great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice and effort and never that of selfishness”.


The UK which has experienced one of the highest incidences of the novel coronavirus in Europe was on lockdown for several months. She told BreadFruit News that “during training, COVID-19 has really impacted negatively on our lives having been on lockdown for months, not being able to do much. l and wish I could have been at home with my kids”.

However, with stage two of her training completed, the young mom is excited about the future and all the possibilities and the places that her career will take her. She anticipates reuniting with her kids soon.

In the Catering Services sub-branch of the logistics department, ratings are paid £20,000 annually after training with the potential to earn up to £51,000 as they progress through the ranks. Navy personnel are also guaranteed 6 weeks of paid holiday every year and funding for different training and qualifications.

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