Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Dear Editor:

Well after over 19 years, the opposition like a leopard has not changed its stripe. I listened to the Leader of the party, Godwin Friday make a pitch to the nation last Thursday evening.

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I did not get to listen to the presentation live as I was otherwise engaged. However, it was important for me to set aside some time on the weekend to catch up with what I missed especially after reading the different headlines covered by your media house.

Surprisingly and not so surprisingly when I consider the political philosophy of the NDP, Dr Friday was not speaking to me, or you or us, really. There was no connection except for interspersed moments as if to remind himself that voters are actually logged on or are going to view his presentation at some point.

In his presentation, and I have counted, Dr Friday said the word ‘Business’ more times than he said ‘people’. Who was his audience? He mentioned how the NDP intends to bend over backwards to ensure that businesses prosper and hope thereafter that somehow, the people will get fat from the crumbs off the table of the business class. Trickle down economics have never work anywhere in the world to enfranchise the working class.

That is why every initiative of the current Unity labour Party (ULP) has been criticised. Do you think the current barrel concession will be continued under an NDP administration? No way! The party does not believe in directly supporting people. They prefer the Adam Smith approach that market forces will miraculously feed the poor and tend to the sick. That sort of jumbie economics has no place in black societies that have historically been denied rights to education and property.

It is the same philosophy why they wish to get rid of the Pryme grants to offer loans instead because black people should not be given anything for free unless they are from the elite class. But not so for businesses though, they are entitled to tax breaks and other incentives. Party financiers must get the big breaks at customs but not the people who are now ‘hustling’ more than ever being entrepreneurial in spirit.

Over the years, the ULP has successfully helped poor people children to aspire and compete with any of their rich peers anywhere in the world. In other words, youths in SVG have been empowered. You only need to look into the background the doctors, lawyers, technologists, teachers etc who are returning from universities. Many mothers ‘noses have been swollen’.

So, that speech was really not for me or you. This was for their main financiers both local and international who stand to be the main benefactors from their policy positions announced so far. I will keep listening for when it is our turn.

The reported business affiliates such as C.K. Greaves and other supermarkets can get their cheque books out this week to prop up the NDP election war chest, they have been told directly that NDP is all for BUSINESS and not PEOPLE.

Letter Writer

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