Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) Political neophyte Fitz Bramble who is hoping to maintain the NDP’s incumbency in East Kingstown has dismissed as mischief the notion that he was not a good father to his son Fitz-Allan ‘Wizzy’ Bramble.

The younger Bramble was shot and killed in 2014 at Sion Hill where he lived. Also known as ‘Little Terror’, the well known singer and national footballer was involved in several criminal activities before his death.

While speaking on the ‘Meet the Candidate’ radio programme on Xtreme FM, the elder Bramble was prepared to infer that parents can only do as much for their kids but exercised no control over their decisions.

He criticised what he termed the ‘despicable’ political mudslinging on both sides and wished that the political parties can have a change of attitude noting that people are moving beyond expressing an opinion on social media, especially Facebook.

In full transparency about his relationship with his son, the former diplomat related to listeners:

“People have the opinion that I was not a good enough father to my son, like I said, they don’t know me. Like any other father, like any other human being, nobody is perfect and as I said before, I have made mistakes.”

“I have made bad choices and I am quite sure there were times in my relationship with Wizzy where in retrospect I could have done a little bit better.”

However, he was equally adamant that all the blame did not fall on him. “The fact of the matter is that Wizzy ultimately made some life choices that in my opinion led to where he ended up” said Bramble who is using his son’s death to motivate and inspire other youths in the East Kingstown constituency.

“What happened to Wizzy is something that I have determined in my mind and I have committed to do whatever I can do, to make sure, to inspire, to encourage, to motivate, other young men not to go down that road.”

“Unfortunately, I am not going to sugar coat it, I am not going to come here and make people think that Wizzy was an angel out of heaven, but he also was not the devil out of hell. He was my son who I loved, and we had a very, very good relationship.”

“And I will say this, I have been father to hundreds of young people in this country. As a teacher, as a soccer coach and I am proud to say that I am happy that I was able to positively influence the lives of many other young people in addition to Wizzy.”

The economist who returned from Canada recently but has faced a rocky time on the campaign trail so far said that many people do not know the real stories. He evidenced as part of his good relationship with his son that he got the then 27 year old to return to high school in Suriname gaining 5 CXC subjects in 2011.

He also pointed out that he should not be judged solely on the basis on his eldest son. His youngest son Opong Bramble he said “is another son of mines. He is on a basketball scholarship in New York studying Biotechnology.”

He has committed to open himself to public scrutiny with regards to his son but is calling on civility especially in relation to the political mudslinging against families.

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