Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday, May 18, 2022


KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) After dismissing the proposed toll at Sion Hill ‘at this time’, NDP hopeful Fitz Bramble is now calling for an outside gym at the top of Sion Hill as part of his 2020 vision for the constituency of East Kingstown.

The first time candidate now proposes to “build an outdoor fitness facility and children playground.”

“I did this when I was in Suriname. We call this an outdoor gym. There are several areas you can do that, ideally my thing, and as I said before, I am a thinker and sometimes people think I am a mad scientist.”

“But I was thinking right on top of Sion Hill by the bus stop going into the Anglican Church yard. You put something there, you make it family friendly. The kids can do their little slide and see saw and swing.”

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Noting that employment will  be increased under a NDP government, he went on further to note in conversation with Tha Fugi and Christal on Xtreme104.3FM:

“And you can develop it to put outdoor exercise equipment so them ‘fellas’ on the block, well by then, they wont be fellas on the block, they would be working but when they come home from work and want to lime on the block after, they can do their pull ups and push ups and whatever it is right there.”

Bramble also expanded on plans for his proposed water park at Sion Hill bay.  

“The water park will directly employ about 150 persons during construction and over 60 thereafter. The impact will be particularly felt among young people and women. The water park would be located down in the Sion hill bay area and you would have inflatable obstacle courses featuring slides, monkey bars and you can have water slides and water cannons.”

“The initial concept is to, because the Sion hill bay is impacted by climate change, the entire beach is almost gone. I was down there about a week and half ago. The entire beach is almost gone because of the actions of the wave. If you know off Nancy rock there, you can put up a sea defence right there to reduce the impact of the waves and you automatically creating something like a natural pool.”

However, Bramble faced much criticism from environmentalists and Minister of Agriculture Hon Saboto Caesar for his initial idea to allow Vincentians to swim with dolphins at the proposed facility.

With a tweaking of his plan, the economist now say:

“You can use that pool area. The dolphin idea is something that was touted, it wasn’t a too die for component. Some environmentalists say it is a dolphin prison. I heard the Minister of Agriculture say just last night how we want to create a dolphin prison with water park but yet, you have a turtle sanctuary in Bequia, I [wah] know if that is a turtle prison.”

He said, “If it means not having the dolphins in order to make the water park successful then that’s fine.”

The East Kingstown candidate also revealed several other projects and programmes he intends to introduce if elected including expanding and upgrading the pan yard and hard court at Sion Hill, developing Harbour Club as a tourist attraction with apartments for residents, and constructing a new SMART polyclinic at Sion Hill.

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  1. Is this man for real? An economist is postulating this crap! This man is out of touch with the realities of the average Vincentian. He need to go back to the cold because he’s s ideas are for a developed nation who has additional finances to spend on a theme park, welcome a toll system to access the city and will gladly patronise an outdoor gym.

    Vincentians have bread and butter issues…poor wages, high unemployment, poor health care, high debt, poor nutrition …yet he talking about outdoor gym!
    Why not propose something that wil benefit a larger portion of the population of East Kingstown and the country as a whole


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