Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Dear Editor:

It really amazes me how a lot of these people on Facebook are authorities on every subject. I see a lot of you calling for stadium for merely political gain. You will never see some of these persons at any sporting event.

As a matter of fact, many of whom have encouraged their kids not to participate because ‘sports takes away from their academic development’ so they say. Let us not put another cart before the horse. What the State is building at Diamond is adequate for this period. We spend a lot of money at Arnos Vale but lost international cricket while the returns at the gate were good. The main reason is lack of 3 to 5 star hotel rooms.

Lots of Vincentians don’t even want to pay to go into a sporting facility but the same ones will complain how run down the place is. Why build a stadium when you don’t have hotel capacity? Is it not better to build the hotels then complete the stadium? We already have a level 2 track in the making that will be utilised by the locals and neighbouring islands.

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Our accommodations at present only will allow the facilitation of certain meets. We can do like other islands, build around the track hence the reason for building in phases. How many of you go to look at a sporting event when the state give a holiday or a half holiday? How many of you go to look at your kids at ISSAC? You come here fighting down the project when you don’t even support sports.

So what if the government promised a stadium and they think at this point it better to build a track with washrooms, concession area, parking, bleachers with ramp to cater for the disabled and a grass mound. Before this government, many persons lived in wooden houses and built around it. What is wrong with building around the track? Look at what happening in sports in this pandemic, the sporting world have restarted without in-house spectators.

The ground rental fee cannot maintain the infrastructures. It need the in-house audience, not the virtual audience. Let us not get to hang up with stadium now. The policy makers made the best decision at this time. For those of you who thought that the track was washing away and has poor engineering come see the drainage and water retention. Then you should go back and apologize to the people you have misled.

I am very proud because the people that are actually doing the work are young Vincentians. The company that is consulted for the synthetic has been building tracks all over the world. They are renowned for tracks. Let us stop argue to put cart before the horse. The track is here, the stadium will come. I see you already have negative displays of horses on the track but the good thing the display showed the horse running on synthetic not grass or dirt. So you should say with regards to this development: “WHAT A GOVERNMENT!”

Dyke Cato

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