Thursday, August 11, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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“The Diamonds clinic leaking, and I said it does not require rocket science to address these simple problems,” said a confident Senator Israel Bruce who sat down with J.P. Schwmon on ANNSVG ‘On the Spot’ programme days ago to discuss his plans for the South Central Windward constituency.

He made a passionate plea for the health care facilities within the constituency to be fixed saying there has been a ‘carelessness of representation’ by the incumbent MP Hon Saboto Caesar.

“We need to address the mould infestation at Grieggs, get the experts in, the expert advisors, ask how do we address this issue of mould infestation. We don’t need super experts. We need basic experts to go on the roof, find the leakage, and stop it.”

“Go down to Lowmans, pull off the roof, look for the damaged material in the roof that is woodlice infected, replace them.”

He claims that the solutions to the infrastructure challenges are not rocket science. “I am not asking the administration to engage in rocket science…you want to lie down on your bed and the woodlice stick start falling all over you? Nobody wants that to happen and I have been asking them to fix that,” he said in relation to the Lowmans Windward clinic.

Senator Bruce also announced that villagers in Chapmans can see a new health care facility built there but only if he is elected to represent the constituency in an NDP government.

“I have been in discussion with a constituent who has been residing overseas, and that constituent said to me: Mr Bruce,  you win the seat, you form government, I have a parcel of land in Chapmans, there is a structure on it, I am willing to give it to you as a gift to work with.”

“All you will need to do, whatever refurbishing you need, refurbish the building, at zero cent cost to the government. I am giving that to you as a gift for your election victory.”

However, his worst assessment was reserved for the Doreen John Health Clinic at Greiggs.

“In just over a year in parliament, I have posted questions to the Minister of Health, in relation to the poor condition of the Doreen John health facility in Grieggs. You walk into that facility and you leave there sicker than you walked in.”

“Every second that you sit and inhale, in a mold environment, you are walking inch closer to your grave. Imagine a sick person who has to sit down in the Greiggs clinic for 5, 6 hours before getting medical attention.”

“Greiggs clinic is pregnant with mold, and it’s close to delivery. It has been like that for years… in fact, it is leaking now, you know, the building from the roof now is leaking. I raised the question in parliament, the Honourable Minister of Health said that he accepts that that’s a problem existing.”

The practising lawyer told listeners that he is confident that he will win the seat. He also said that he is unable to implement his proposals at this time because he does not have control over State resources.

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