Sunday, May 29, 2022
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The name Lennox Bowman is synonymous with the Credit Union Movement locally, regionally and internationally. “Brother B” as he is affectionately known in the movement, is truly a Credit Unionist of the best quality. Throughout his professional life and career, he has always exemplified the overarching Credit Union principle of “people helping people.”

I previously knew Mr. Bowman from afar, but as fate would have it, I got to know him personally after I was elected as a Director and President of the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Cooperative Credit Union (SVGPCCU) in 2014. I recall that that particular time was a testing one for me because of the duties that I had assumed then. Naturally, the responsibilities that came along with that position evoked a semblance of nervousness in me initially.

I vividly recall today that Brother B was one of the many persons who nurtured and guided me during my three-year stint as president of the SVGPCCU. I remember sitting around the table with him at several Credit Union forums at different levels; and his contributions were always adept, inspiring and impactful.

This Credit Union stalwart is a repository of wisdom, kindness and professionalism. His humanity has been experienced by many through his volunteerism and devotion to duty.

There are two individuals in SVG to whom I have ascribed the title of “CEO extraordinaire” -Brother B is one of them.

I wish to say without any fear of contradiction, that in SVG, no other sister Credit Union has been as good to the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Police Co-operative Credit Union as the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) and Brother B. In 2016 when the SVGPCCU made the ambitious decision to purchase a building in Kingstown as its own Corporate Headquarters, it was Brother B and GECCU who gladly provided the financing and other tangible assistance to the Police Credit Union.

Brother B has served at the highest levels in the Credit Union sector. He has been a long standing delegate to SVG Cooperative League Board. He has served on the board of directors of the Caribbean Conference of Credit Unions (CCCU); and has attended several meetings and conferences at the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), the apex body of the movement.

After serving GECCU, the people of SVG, the region and the ‘Credit Union world’ for twenty six (26) years (I must note that twenty one of those years, as manager/CEO), Mr. Bowman will be retiring at the end of September following his distinguished career.

Accordingly, I wish to tremendously thank you Brother B for your service and your mentorship. As you transition into your next journey in life, may your legacy be etched in the pantheon of the Credit Union movement.

Bro. Junior O. Simmons, Former President, SVG Police Cooperative Credit Union

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