Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday, May 18, 2022


KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) – Days after political leader Mark Doyle told the media that he will be quitting the 2020 general elections, the knives are out as the blame game has started between former members.

The former Youth and Communication Officer Ms Leanna Gibbs received an expletive-laden tongue lashing from founder and Chairman Mark Doyle after she suggested that transportation be made available to members to attend events.

The 19 year old who got stuck while attending a UPP campaign event in the Marriaqua constituency asked to leave the party when Mr Doyle refused to see her ‘wisdom’.

She told the young political leader from Georgetown:

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“I know I leave my house yes. But nobody isn’t blaming you. And I don’t know one shit a way [sic] my aunt telling you but you can’t blame me for that. Everybody have there [sic] own mouth and they own say.”

“I was here for you since day one when only 3 ah we show up at your launching. I didn’t had to show up but I did. You didn’t know I live far when I bring myself at your launching eh.”

In several expletive laden voice notes obtained by BreadFruit News, the political leader responded:

“Child, tek you [expletive] and come out my inbox.”

“So me nah know why, I don’t understand why y’all try to put yall blame on me right. You leave your home at night, all the way from Leeward to go Richland Park, take your own risk and own responsibility.”

“Don’t blame me for nothing. I never tell you Leanna leave your house and go to Mespo to attend whatsoever event. I never tell you that. You know that you live ah leeward and you ain’t going reach home at such and such time. Don’t come tell me that, that none my business.”

The Youth and Communications Officer who at the launching said that she attended the Dr JP Eustace Secondary School severed ties with the party and asked for videos featuring her be removed from the party’s Facebook page which Doyle refused.

He went on to say:

“[Name called], take your stinking M***** C*** out me inbox, you head tough?”

Information reaching Breadfruit News suggests that candidate Donroy Paul organised a political event as part of his efforts to win the hearts and minds of the residents of Marriaqua which the 19 year old Communication Officer attended.

Ms Gibbs said she saw it as part of her responsibilities to attend all campaign events.

A former candidate told us Mr Doyle “doesn’t know how to talk to his candidates…youth officer… that’s due to discussing his attitude to him, he decided to blocked us”.

Relations between members have broken down with leader Mark Doyle telling BreadFruit News that he intends on suing former members for defamation of character.

We have not published all the expletive-laden audio files here due to the nature of the content.

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