Thursday, August 11, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022
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“If you ain’t pay the boat fee for Mayreau children, I done.”– Terrance Ollivierre

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KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) – The New Democratic Party (NDP) will be without Southern Grenadines representative Terrance Ollivierre if they do not stick to one of their campaign promises.

So passionate is MP Ollivierre about the issues affecting the people of Mayreau that he told party leader Dr Hon Godwin Friday that he is prepared to resign if they fail to honour their word to him.

“Dr Friday, I tell you right now you know, you see when we get in government and you ain’t pay the boat fee for Mayreau children, I done.”

The MP related that he had been pleading for years to the ULP administration to bring equity within the education system by levelling up the playfield for students in Mayreau.

He told a small but appreciate audience over the weekend with many more listening online:

“I have been saying it to them, the people of Mayreau are at a disadvantage, the students. They have to pay two set of transportation cost to get to secondary school. They have to pay a boat fee; they have to pay a van fee.”

“But no, you refuse to do it, on one instance, they said to me the children of Mayreau are getting help already.”

“You rather people who visit here and they see the plight of the people and they send whatever little funds they have to help them, you as a government refuse to do anything to help the children of Mayreau.”

The NDP parliamentarian who also represents Canouan and Union Island turned to Dr Friday to reassert his position:

“I telling you again, under an NDP government and Mayreau children can’t get their boat fee pay, Terrance Ollivierre done with that.”

“Because I cannot be fighting for something for years and now we are there you gonna [sic] tell me I can’t get it. Mayreau children should be given the same equity as any other to finish their secondary education. I know of children from Mayreau who dropped out because their parents who couldn’t afford to pay the boat fee.”  

The four terms MP for the Southern Grenadines also complained about the water woes of residents, the need for proper roads and better infrastructure to support the local economy.

Dr Friday nodded his head in affirmation that he will be prepared to fund the requests made by his colleague Terrance Ollivierre.

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