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The difficulty of breaking through in the modelling industry is not daunting prospective international model Ackeem “Prodigy” Romeo. The unabashed young man from Georgetown has spoken to us about his fears, challenges and prospects in realising his vision to walk the runway in the footsteps of his icon Alton Mason.

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However, the first hurdle seems to be one of sexuality. He is not ashamed to say he is full of testosterone. In an Exclusive interview with BreadFruit News, the model who has released explicit photos on social media showing his full manhood says he is often solicited through messages from gay men.

“People who say modelling is a female endeavour are just small-minded. A lot of male models get paid handsomely overseas especially if they are dark in colour. I always dream of the day I get to strut my stuff down a runway in the UK or in the US.”

Describing himself as open minded, overly creative and as a deep thinker, the 27 year old however notes:

“I try to be as nice as possible to gay men but they are very persistent and very sexual which can be annoying. I politely tell them that I am not gay, but this does not stop many from sending me repeated messages.”

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How did your family react to you as a model?

I initially kept it a secret because I know they won’t approve. Few of my friends were shocked and a few were unbothered.

Who is your role model?

Yuggie Farrel is my model icon because of what she has been through and where she had reached in her endeavours. She had reached the international level and I admire her style and I like her ‘I don’t care attitude’, even while facing her current challenges.

Where do you go from here?

It is hard to tell what’s going to happen in the next five years but it has been a challenge breaking through so far. I see myself working with the likes of Alton Mason, an African model who has done work for Vogue and Gucci.

Why have you done nude shoots?

I love my physique. Our bodies are not meant to be something that we are to be ashamed of or hide. I love the idea of body art and you basically can’t do that with clothes on. What others do not know is that body art also expresses my emotions. Sometimes I feel depressed and I am able to use my body to cope by doing something I like while fighting through the fleeting feeling. God gave me this beautiful body.

Are you affiliated with any agency?

I am not affiliated with any modelling agency although I had a desire to join Paragon modelling agency but at the time I was working in the Grenadines.

What can be done to promote modelling in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

The major fashion houses need to scout more potential candidates. They need to look beyond their current candidates and use social media such as IG. It would be nice if they can also comment on our work as well as this helps to build confidence. Contests are also important along with training.

Are you just a model?

No. I am a Chef by trade. My favourite meal to prepare is anything Japanese or Asian. I love Asian culture and everything they do. If I can be reborn then I’d like to be Asian. As to specific dishes, I like to prepare noodles from scratch.

Favourite drink?

Red Ju-C

Mainland or Grenadines?

Actually neither. I love Canada having spent some time there.

Rihanna or Beyonce?

I prefer Rihanna. Her voice is nice, she’s mellow and sexual. Rihanna sings from the soul and you feel her emotion.

White chocolate or black chocolate?

I prefer milk chocolate.

How can people contact you?

My Instagram is “784.Prodigy_x”

Snapchat is “sexy_blackmeat”

WhatsApp is “784 498-5040”

They will be able to view some of my photos on my social media accounts.

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