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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) – The campaign trail sizzled last weekend as the New Democratic Party turned several office openings into big political rallies which has left tongues wagging.  

At the opening of the NDP’s East Kingstown office at the top of Sion Hill, the party showcased its improved mobilization and organizational capability to bring out its supporters. 

Like in all other elections across the Caribbean this year, the fight for hearts and souls is being waged on social media and both political parties here have adapted quite well to the new challenge. 

 A confident party leader Dr Godwin Friday spoke at length of a new vision for St. Vincent and the Grenadines of which he reminded persons that “nothing good comes easy.” 

“We will celebrate. But let me tell you something, nothing in this world that is good comes easy. Nothing in politics is assured. Nothing that we hope or dream of, for our country will be given to us by the ULP,” said the NDP Leader. 

He continued to challenge the large crowd which gathered at the Sion Hill intersection: 

“We have to stand up to fight for it. We have to always say to ourselves that there is more that we can do because the price is so much greater than ourselves… All friends and foes pull them together and say we have a common destiny. All we wish to do is to make the conditions of life in this country better not just for us, but for the generation that comes after it.” 

In his presentation, Dr Friday once again criticized the government’s response to the dengue fever outbreak which has resulted in the deaths of six (6) Vincentians.  

He said: 

“It took the deaths of six people in this country to wake them up. They come with all their propaganda to say that how they’re going to buy 30 fogging machines when they should have done this in advance of the deaths.” 


“Covid-19 was here. It alerted us to the problems of communicable disease in our society. Yet when we had the problem of dengue fever, the Minister of Health, who wants to be representative of this area, drop the ball.” 

“Young Children have lost their lives from a disease that is categorized as a preventable disease. That means that if you do the things that are necessary to control the mosquito, which is effective, that spreads this disease, that we can prevent the outbreak and prevent the deaths. The Minister of Health did not do that.” 

The NDP has called on the government to fire Sen Luke Browne who as the youngest member of Cabinet shoulders the responsibility for the health portfolio.  

Browne, who in international circles is greeted like a ‘rockstar’ is facing a challenge from NDP candidate Dwight Fitzgerald Bramble who replaced incumbent Arnhim Eustace as the party’s standard bearer. 

Making reference to his team who he described as the most competent team ever assembled to contest a general election, he called on the electorate to rally behind his party. 

“We are a blessed people. We can aspire to lead the Caribbean. We can aspire to be better than we are now. We can accomplish this, but we have to do it together. And the biggest stats that we have first and foremost, is to overcome the hurdle ahead of us on November 5th. Do not take anything for granted my people.” 

“We want you to be able to celebrate, not because the NDP is in office. Not because you have made me Prime Minister. That is a stepping stone to what you want to accomplish.” 

He said the ULP has been in government long enough.  

“19 years is long enough. You may have your views about what they have accomplished because you might have supported them in the past. But the truth of the matter is going forward, they’re not good for the country. We need renewed energy. We need a team of competent people who are waiting to take the country the next leg.” 

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