Sunday, October 17, 2021


KINGSTOWN, SVG (BreadFruit News) – The battle for North Windward is sizzling as the New Democratic Party (NDP) launched its 15 candidates for the upcoming general elections in Owia last Sunday.

The NDP is betting that a ‘good looking’ candidate according to Sir James Mitchell in teacher Shevern John will be able to displace the iron man Montgomery Daniel who has been the parliamentary representative since 2001.

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In her first outing, the political neophyte told a large gathering that she is a proud Carib warrior and a proud Garifuna woman who is full of integrity.

“For the past 28 weeks, I have been among the people of North Windward and I have lived among the people all my life. And, I stand here to represent you for the rest of my life.”

“I see myself as a transformational leader waiting to represent you the people…I’m an educator, I’m a community builder from this little village of Owia who practices what the Lord instructs through the preacher Solomon in Ecclesiastes.”

The lady who has sparked some interest among the base of the opposition party which has lost four consecutive general elections since 2001 and the popularity vote since 1998 pledged that she will do her best for the constituency.

“So whatsoever I put my hands to, I am doing it to the best of my ability,” said a hoarse but confident John.

She accused the ruling ULP administration of keeping their stronghold Sandy Bay poor to keep constituents dependent on the administration.

“Our poverty assessment shows that Sandy Bay…has the highest rate of poverty. Now that is vexing to anybody. When we have a village that supports a ruling party for so long, that village could have been one which is highly developed.”

“But you know what happened? They say leave them poor so that they can always come to beg.”

She promised hope to the listeners saying that the NDP will not leave the people poor committing instead to empower and create job opportunities.

With Nomination Day scheduled today, the teacher who will have to resign her position to contest the elections sees the decline of Agriculture as both the problem and the opportunity.

“This present administration kill agriculture, so now there is no middle class.”

“A New Democratic Party is going to revive agriculture, create jobs in agriculture, implement information technology in agriculture for you.”

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