Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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It is a familiar story for persons following politics locally as it was the experience of former Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace who spoke about meeting an old lady at C.K Greaves who was crying as she had to inform the teller that she couldn’t afford all of the items in her basket.

Fast forward six (6) years and the new Opposition Leader Dr Godwin Friday recounted a similar experience.

He told a gathering at Sion Hill last weekend that “I saw someone today who was shopping, and she had to put back stuff in her cart. So, I tell her, I said hope is coming to this country.” He did not say if he assisted the lady with the purchase of the remaining goods.

He promised that the lives of Vincentians will improve immediately on the party taking office with the reduction of VAT from 16% to 13%.

Taking the party into general elections as leader for the first time, the Northern Grenadines MP said people will be able to buy more groceries. Friday recounted the story while telling listeners that:

“You have a choice between a government that has run out of steam, that they have become expired goods on a shelf where they can’t deliver any more nutrition.”

He added that the NDP has put together a team not just to win the election but to run the country.

“This is the most competent team ever assembled to contest election in this country. We have to do this because our country is in a very sad state. Our country has gotten poorer under the ULP.”

In 2014 at a town hall in New York, Arnhim Eustace received a barrage of criticism when he attempted to describe the level of poverty in the country. In one of his colourful depictions, he had said:

“You check with the shops and check with some homes. The fridge is off from Monday to Friday. You check with the supermarkets. You would find that 70 per cent of the food items that need refrigeration are purchased only on Friday or Saturday. That’s the reality of people’s condition. All these are signs we must understand, when you looking at what is happening to our economy. There is despair on the faces of people.”

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