Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Election officials were at pains to push back at claims on social media that they annotate ‘dead or alive’ on the electoral list.

The Supervisor of Elections Mrs Dora James while speaking on the Round Table Talk on VC3 yesterday with host Theresa Daniel explained that the only information contained on the list include the elector’s name, occupation, address and polling station.

She clarified a question from someone by the name ‘Tonia Gunny Christopher‘ on Facebook who asked officials “What information did you get to put my name as dead” which according to the comments by officials is a fake claim.

The top Election Official alongside her Deputy Mr Sylvester King were responding to Facebook questions and comments as they sought to sensitize the public on matters relating to the organization of the November 5th poll.

Mr King also debunked the possibility of dead people voting.

He said:

“There is a notion that dead people can vote. Well I never really see anybody jump out their casket and voted.”

He made it clear that it is illegal for someone to impersonate another including a dead person to vote. Reading from the Representation of the People’s Act, he stated:

“Any person who at an election applies for a ballot in the name of another person, whether that person be the name of a person living or dead or of a fictitious person or who having once voted at any election applies at the same election for a ballot paper in his own name shall be guilty of impersonation within the meaning of this Act.

The penalty for the offence is $4000.00 or two years in jail.

Mr King added:

“Historically, I do not know of any case where any dead person voted in elections.”

“Let’s be honest, there is no voters list across the world, and I have done my research, where you will find not a single dead person’s name on it because people die every day and after you would have published a list, somebody can die.”

The officials also explained that the process whereby a person present their national identification card in front of the presiding officer and party agents from both political parties who tick the name off the list makes it impossible for a dead person to vote.

They stated that even if there is someone on the list who may have died, the ‘person’ or an impersonator would not be able to vote because political party scrutineers observing the process will know that the individual is not as he/she claims.

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