Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Ambitious, meticulous, well-organized, loyal, trustworthy, dedicated and practical – these traits sum up Agustus M. Carlos Williams. His attention to detail and his patience stands out and guides the process of achieving goals.

Self-motivated and disciplined, however, guilty of always putting others, their needs and situations before himself. He believes in people and the fact that each of us can become significant, but the greatness within must be encouraged, harnessed, allowed to grow and be nurtured by positive influences for people, community, country and self.

He holds as truth that failures are only opportunities positioning and or repositioning for the fulfilment of a legitimate purpose.

Agustus M. Carlos Williams, the Finance Officer at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards with over 15 years of experience at the Standards Institution. He has extensive knowledge in standards development, standards application and financial matters.

His substantive responsibilities are to assist the Executive Director in the supervision and operations of the organization’s accounting and financial activities and other financial obligations; the application and implementation of accounting best practices and financial rules; procurement and inventory management.

He is a team player and a uniting element, works well with individuals of different and opposing opinions politically or otherwise; as he puts it “I am neither left nor right, I am the middle ground.”. His opinions are valued, people trust and respect him.

Further, he served as Minister Liaison and Community Representative for the Hon Louis H. Straker, Parliamentary Representative for Central Leeward for years and most recently on the Barrouallie Blackfish Facilities Enhancement Project Implementation Committee, the Barrouallie Clinic Project and the Bottle and Glass Communal Facilities.

As the past Chairman of the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) Marketing, Information, Knowledge and Education Management (CROSQ/MIKE) Committee, he steered the process of the formation and the institutionalisation of the committee in its earlier years. The Marketing Information Knowledge and Education Management (MIKE) Committee is made up of representatives from each of the National Standards Bodies in the areas of information technology, information management, marketing and communications, and WTO/TBT enquiry points and CODEX nodes. The MIKE Committee was established to assist in the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) within CROSQ.

He was the Chairman of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Northern Grenadines Constituency Council, the President of the ULP Central Leeward Youth Arm and a member of the Central Leeward Constituency Council. He also chaired the ULP National Youth Arm in 2001.

He co-founded and chaired – Barrouallie Fisheries Development Organisation/Cooperative. Too, he co-founded and chaired the Bequia Onshore Activities Management Committee and was a member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Nursing Selections Committee since 2002.

Carlos is of a humble and disciplined background and is from the fishing and whaling community of Barrouallie, where he was churched, schooled and nurtured in the earlier years of his development. Whaling and fishing are in his DNA, he is an earth person and connects well with the common, ordinary and the less fortunate of his community. Those who know him said he is one of ‘we’. The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is most applicable here.

Throughout his career, business finance, and accounting have been his fascination and pursuit; particularly financial management. He has a strong interest in standards and quality, sustainable development, self-governance and the economy. He continues on this journey and after a long break that focused his attention on family matters and affairs. He is currently enrolled in two finance-related courses through two notable and recognised regional and international institutions.

Carlos is resilient by nature; an inaudible achiever and his strong-minded nature keep him optimistic, courageous and confident. His intrinsic worth and moral are the fundamentals and fortitude of his beliefs and the definition of who he is. He is a believer in Christianity and is unapologetic about his Christian purpose, principles; though he is often misunderstood and perceived as weak, the family is always centre of mind and he believes that the family is the institution of God. His family loyalty and commitment is undeniable.

He is persevering, confront challenges and succeed under pressure and once set on a mission, he will see it through without any rash decision, external complaints or influence. He owns his decisions and accepts the responsibilities and consequences of his actions.

His vision has always been people-centred, he wants to engage more and to unify the people and the community around a singular vision. To strengthen and enhance and improve governance, relationships and network with the capital in achieving holistic development for the benefit of the people and community. He intends to be engaging with all national and non-national, all sectors of economic and social development to achieve this ultimate goal.

He aims to become the peoples’ representative, no line drawn, no division, no colour or class. “Stronger Together” is the central theme of his developmental vision and his commitment to bring greater recognition and self-sufficiency to the citizenry and to strategically advance and position the ULP as the party of political choice.

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