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After three preliminaries and a final, one queen was left standing in a highly competitive Miss Unity Youths 2020 Pageant last Sunday evening.

The virtual event which viewers noted was of an exceptional quality surpassing that of Miss SVG was well received with over 62,000 Facebook views on that platform.

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And it was Miss East Kingstown Kenesha Llewellyn who in the preliminaries sent a strong message that she had the grace, poise, talent and intellect to challenge any of her formidable competitors.

However, the finals according to viewers was never going to be an easy win. Miss North Leeward Morissa Williams was a strong competitor who impressed in her preliminaries showcasing her pageantry experience to win over public support.

Miss West Kingstown Ikeya Providence was a dark horse who performed consistently during the preliminary round with a powerful talent filled with a message relating to the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus.

South Windward delegate Ms Arianna Wyllie was the people’s choice from preliminary 1 who had initially missed a chance to go through to the finals. She was awarded a wild card. Her dances which paid tribute to former party leader Sir Vincent Beache were commendable as it was emotional for many viewing.

Another viewers’ favourite hailed from South Central Windward. Miss Jada Dublin answered her questions well throughout the rounds and performed creditably on pan. Her gowns were also ‘on point’.

Miss Central Kingstown Lourie John was a complete package. A teacher by profession, she showed a noted ability to connect with the judges sticking to powerful messages across the different segments.

Miss Daresse Douglas from the Northern Grenadines will be remembered as ‘Granny’ but that does not slight her performance. In fact, she was a one of the leading contenders for the crown with a memorable talent performance.

In fact, in another pageant, Miss Douglas could have easily won the crown.

But, in the finals, it was Ms Llewellyn who in the Political Ambassadorial speech, the talent, evening gown and interview segments had that extra raw ability to exude confidence under pressure to stand out and win all the judged categories.

Her talent was of an exceptional creative ability to send coded messages that was worthy of a Miss Universe performance. It is one thing to dance, but viewers expressed delight in her ability to relate her talent with the slogan of the party’s campaign slogan ‘to lift SVG Higher’ with carefully selected backing music.

Miss Kenesha Llewellyn was able to eclipse the other front runners as she commandeered the stage and made it her own.

Miss Unity Youths 2020 is one of those pageants that the oft cited phrase, “they are all Queens” was finally true.

The full results were as follows:

People’s Choice Award– Miss South Windward – Miss Arianna Wyllie

Best Political Ambassadorial Speech – Miss East Kingstown – Miss Kenesha Llewellyn

Best Talent – Miss East Kingstown – Miss Kenesha Llewellyn

Best Evening Wear – Miss East Kingstown – Miss Kenesha Llewellyn

Best Interview – Miss East Kingstown – Miss Kenesha Llewellyn

2nd Runner Up– Miss North Leeward – Miss Morissa Williams

1st Runner Up– Miss Central Kingstown – Miss Lourie John

Miss Unity Youths 2020- Miss East Kingstown – Miss Kenesha Llewellyn

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