Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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My fellow Vincentians, and especially the constituents of Northern Grenadines, it is an
honour and a privilege to be granted this opportunity to address you on this the 41st
anniversary of our nation’s Independence.

I urge that our reflections focus on our past, the tremendous progress we have made
and sustainable ways in the quest to propel our nation forward.

On this day, let us honour the significant contributions made by our forefathers that
have been pivotal to the betterment of our people and the development of our country
as a whole. We honour their ultimate sacrifices which now afford us democratic rights
and benefits to determine our destiny. We memorialized the hard work, dedication and
struggles of our eminent leaders such as Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer, Robert
Milton Cato, Ebenezer Theodore Joshua and George Augustus McIntosh. Our very own
local heroes as Sir Sydney Gun-Munroe, Charles A Adams, Eulalie Cozier and Carlisle
Wallace, to name a few, will always be commemorated. Their bravery, commitment and
dedication to our people and culture have birthed a nation of strong, courageous and
resilient people.

Let us also celebrate the significant contributions made by many other persons, groups
and organizations including those in the diaspora, Vincentians and non-Vincentians who
work diligently with heart and soul to ensure the progress of our beloved nation.

We have come a long way since we broke free of colonial rule forty-one years ago. Our
economic and political trajectories have significantly changed as we seek to foster our
independent development and civilization as a whole.

We have accomplished much with considerable gains in major sectors including Housing
Revolution, Education Revolution, Sports development, Health Care, Tourism and
Hospitality, to name a few.

We have since migrated from wattle and daube to independent housing and high rise
apartments, slate and chalkboard to the internet and computer, minute community
playing fields to a developing world-class track. The Argyle International airport, the
new polyclinics, the new medical complex, the smart hospitals, yachting and cruise
tourism are all testimony to the tremendous progress we have made as a small
developing country. Our next generation has a myriad of opportunities today than ever

As we celebrate the tremendous progress, we have made over the past 41 years,
simultaneously, let us also take some time to consider and examine collective ways in
which we could all contribute to the continuous growth, progress and stability of our
country. As new relationships are formed, and new ideas are birthed, let us continue
to harness our resources and natural abilities to maximize our full potential as a nation.
We must keep focus as we continue to dedicate ourselves to eradicate poverty, ensure
literacy and achieve a complete transformation of our economy.

To my fellow citizens, I wish to applaud your patriotism and solidarity to our beloved
nation. Your dedication and devotion are commendable. We are a united people; one
in purpose and vision; a close-knitted nation with a kindred spirit of wisdom and
compassion. More so, we are a strong and resilient people who know how to fight with
pride and dignity for the upliftment of our country.

I am optimistic that with hard work, dedication and a singular unified goal we can and
will continue to achieve holistic and sustainable development conducive to the growth
and prosperity of our people and communities.

As we endeavour on this journey of national development, we look to God for
continuous guidance, protection and perpetual growth on our beloved SVG.

The time is now!
Together, we are stronger!
Together, we can achieve greatness!
Together, let us lift SVG HIGHER!
Happy and blessed Independence to all!

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