Sunday, December 5, 2021


The indefatigable General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Julian Francis has rubbished rumours from the New Democratic Party (NDP) camp that his disappearance from the public spotlight was due to ill health.

He told thousands of supporters gathered at the party’s manifesto launch last Sunday evening that he had been hard at work for the party.

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“I just want to assure all of you, Julian Francis is not sick. Don’t bother with the NDP. I don’t have any type of cancer. I dey good and I been in the engine room and what I get here tonight, I feel like a sixteen-year-old.”

Social media and radio talk shows were abuzz with the ‘fake news’ that the long standing Senator and Minister of Transport and Work was suffering from lung cancer.

An insider told us that it is not surprising that the New Democratic Party is making desperate attempts to keep their drowning campaign relevant.

“The NDP is well on its way for five successive defeats and five in a row in opposition.”

The high ranking official of ULP said:

“These [referring to the NDP] are really mad people. Normally, just before the elections, Cabinet is reshuffled, and Comrade Julian removes himself from ministerial responsibility to focus completely on the campaign.”

“With the coronavirus pandemic to contend with, this elections campaign was built out in a different way and you see that by the way we have done things. We have built out the best virtual experience from our studio while simultaneously oiling our on the ground machinery. That is how we do it labour style.”

“You can see the professionalism, the creativity and innovation since we started our campaign, and our tempo is just increasing. Comrade Julian has managed again to prove he is the best General Secretary anywhere in the world; there is no better organizer or go-getter.”

“The NDP campaign has fizzled out. With just one week left to go, you notice their hype has gone. But expect even more desperate attempts in the closing stages for the party as they clutch to the final straw that will break their backs and send home their passport selling co-conspirators.”

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