Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Party founder and Political Leader Mr Ivan O’Neal has bemoaned the state of the economy and the lack of job opportunities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

His St. Vincent Green Party which has failed to make an impact on the electorate since its foray into politics is calling for the immediate set up of factories here. The party intends to pay particular attention to agro-processing facilities if they win.

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The party states in its manifesto:

Our country has a significant potential to export many more goods, but the economic
incompetence and lack of vision of the ULP regime, is dragging our economy down and
pushing unemployment up.

One of the priorities of a Green government is to build factories to create jobs, boost the economy and help farmers and small businesses export their goods. As well as
a strategy of import substitution, we need to change our economy so that it is export oriented.

It is imperative that factories are set up for agro-processing. It makes no sense that SVG
exports peanuts, but imports peanut butter and exports a variety of fruits, but imports
fruit juices. These types of economic anomalies need to be sorted, to create jobs
and strengthen our economy. By exporting ‘value-added’ products such as fruit juices and
peanut butter, rather than primary products such as peanuts and fruit, the economy will
grow faster.

SVG should be exporting products such as organic tea, organic baby food, organic fruit
juices, organic honey, organic dried fruits, organic vacuum-packed vegetables, organic
bottled coconut water, organic coffee, smoked fish and numerous other products.

A Green government will also set up factories for light manufacturing. Most of the
manufactured goods in SVG are imported. A Green government will profile the economy
to assess which of the imported manufactured goods could be made in SVG. For example,
most clothing in SVG is imported, but by importing cloth and working with fashion
designers in SVG, our country could not only have factories producing clothes, but
exporting clothes too.

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