Saturday, July 31, 2021


As Vincentians prepare to go to the polls next week, campaign rhetoric is reaching a feverish pitch as both sides appeal to swing voters.

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However, one NDP activist has turned her ire on overseas-based nationals who will not be voting in the general elections.

NDP activist Adriana King who lost her bid to become a candidate for the NDP said that persons who have migrated should not be encouraging other Vincentians to vote for ULP.

She said:

“When you leave SVG to join the army or navy, to become a nurse, or a teacher, or any other thing you should be ashamed to shout “5 innah row”.

“You left because the life in SVG was not working out for you, there were no opportunities here for you to achieve your full potential or to even gain employment in some cases, but yet you are here on Facebook trying to keep those you left behind in poverty.”

“How selfish could some of you be? I do hope that young people are able to see through you and your dishonesty and make the right decision come November 5th. I will be voting for the NDP because I want to achieve my dreams right here in SVG.”

However, in a twist of sorts, the ULP had been criticized heavily on social media for claiming that the administration had facilitated an increase in opportunities for Vincentians serving in the UK Armed Forces.

NDP activists at the time pushed back that the program was started under the New Democratic Party administration through the initiative of Carlyle Dougan.

One person currently serving in the Army told Breadfruit News when invited to comment that “pls tell Ms King to leave us out her political drama. People have been migrating since time immemorial. Lard these people are so desperate clutching at straws for facebook likes from their own friends in America and Canada who have migrated too. Even British born nationals are in the Caribbean but because they white, we call them expats. We black so it means we are suffering and are migrants.”

“They go high or go low, is five inna row because they are extremists. To be honest, it is the NDP activists who are making it bad for NDP election after election. One bat rises to national clown-ship every year. This year is seems like it is a bunch of them competing against each other spewing venom.”

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