Sunday, May 29, 2022
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A reliable source has confirmed to Breadfruit News that party founder and former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell has despite previous claims that he was back to support the NDP under Dr Friday’s leadership, has been asked to “stay in the Grenadines.”

Mitchell who remains deeply unpopular on the mainland has been accused of speaking out of turn on several matters which created much red herring for the governing ULP administration.

With just 4 days remaining on the campaign trail, Sir James has been largely absent since his interview on OMG morning program on BOOM FM.

Mitchell who disagrees with the NDP on its policy position to switch ties from Taipei to Beijing said in another interview:

“I have had good experience as Prime Minister with Taiwan. I have no reason to go in any other direction.”

In relation to his experience with mainland China, Mitchell had said that was experience that has taught him and Vincentians that we shouldn’t go there.

“When China comes in, they control everything. You might have a few architects employed…but when they take over, your people don’t get any employment and we need employment for our people. It is jobs, jobs, jobs. We need to get employment.”

“And we need to have the spill off in the society. In Bequia, the Chinese won the contract. They came in one day and bulldozed the older building, put up their own quarters, shovel the dirt and that evening planted they own vegetables and dammed up the gutters so they could get water to grow their plant.”

“You never saw them go to a restaurant or bar and five of then round the clock, built it, and no body in Bequia got any benefit or any employment.”

The NDP founder was adamant that he had not left the party after several public spats with fellow former party leader and Prime Minister Arnhim Eustace who stepped down in 2016 following four successive general elections defeats as leader.

Mitchell countered that he founded a democratic party and people had a right to deviate from the founding principles whenever they wish to but think that now is an appropriate time to “ prove to one and all that I am giving support to the party especially the leader.” 

Political observers note that Sir James have not appeared on the campaign trail after stirring controversy over the party’s switch to white T-shirts instead of the traditional yellow.

Sir James had promised callers to the OMG morning program that he would have been prepared to visit areas that wanted him but the party’s leadership has vetoed this plan instead leaving the senior politician to deal with financiers and some policy related matters.

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