Friday, January 28, 2022


The registration process in the East Kingstown constituency is once again under the spotlight as tensions brew days before voters go to the polls in the November 5th general elections.

Lawyer and one time NDP candidate Vynnette Frederick who is leading efforts in the East Kingstown constituency to verify the voters list has published a list of persons who she alleges may have been illegally transferred from other constituencies to buffer the ULP support.

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However, the move by the former NDP PRO caused NDP supporters to attack the character of the persons on the list inclusive of comments to ‘lock them up.’

One long time voter Jomo Rose who has been living in the constituency for most of his life was attacked on social media for being an ‘illegal voter.’

In a recent interview with another media house, Rose said:

“These things wrong; you can’t be so reckless and posting people name in lies. A breathren show me the scene but I didn’t take it seriously at first. I think someone was playing the fool, but when I check it out, it seems as if them trying to make people look bad; like them doing something wrong.”

Breadfruit News spoke with one resident of ‘Uptown’ who told us that he knew Rose “for donkey years now as a youth up Long Wall, he and his sister who is now living in England. That family is so well-known.”

“You see you have these people who don’t know the real ghetto people, they never associate with us except to peep at us during election time, so they don’t know who is who. Vynnette should be ashamed. Let her go back to her ivory tower. Where was she when Jomo was throwing headers up small wharf?”

However, the trained lawyer is defiant that she will continue posting the names of individuals that she suspects are illegal registrants.

She said:

“Screaming at me or my family members or threatening me with physical harm or legal action doesn’t help.”

Rose has demanded an apology from Ms Frederick but says he does not expect one. He said the NDP needs to get its facts right.

“That is what you need to do and stop looking stupid.”

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