Sunday, December 5, 2021


Dear Voter,

It may be difficult for us to recognize the challenges that present us on a day to day basis. The new and multifaceted difficulties such as COVID-19 pandemic and climate are perfect examples of how and why we are to critically examine issues that our communities are affected by rather than, dusting the surface. I admonish that you look closer, as what appears bright and shiny at surface value can quickly fade.

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As you consider the future of our country and your future in the Northern Grenadines, I urge you to reflect on the gains of the past 19 years that have created the strength needed to propel us into a bold future.

Nationally, we have achieved transformation in our economy and society for the better with a significant upliftment in living standards, health services, the creation of over 7,500 new jobs (pre-COVID) and the delivery of an international airport that is truly lifting SVG higher.

Here in the Northern Grenadines we have improved everyday lives with progress in education, health and wellness, sports and culture, tourism, and housing. We have built a new primary school, constructed and refurbished our clinic, created a new desalination plant, rebuilt the Fisheries Centre, established a strong solid waste management system, and more.

As a united people under a ULP government, we must build upon these achievements and simultaneously embrace bold, fresh initiatives to Lift SVG Higher. It is not the time to undo and go back. It is not the time to resort to quick “fixes” that are unsustainable and detrimental to the future of every Vincentian, such as the selling of passports and citizenship.

You have heard me say that we are “Stronger Together” and by that, I mean that I commit myself to work for the creation of a form of local government in the Northern Grenadines to foster people’s participation in the process.

I am running to serve the good and noble people of the Northern Grenadines, with a fresh and clear-eyed look at the specific needs of our constituency and to chart a visionary course for the next five years.

My vision and plan for the Northern Grenadines will bring more employment and educational opportunities as well as more government services and healthcare to the people of the Northern Grenadines.

These are my solemn pledges to you:

  •  Create Good Paying Jobs
  •  Create an Empowered Business Council
  •  Renovate the JF Mitchell Airport
  •  Special road repairs and reconstruction: The Bluff Paget Farm road project, continuing rehabilitation of Mount Pleasant roads, Hamilton, Gelizeaux and Pop Hole roads.
  •  Redevelop the Ferry Port
  •  Develop Port Elizabeth with a Plan that Works for All
  •  Abolish the Off-Season
  •  Transform the waterfront in Hamilton to a hub of local culture
  •  Strengthen seawall defences in Hamilton and Paget Farm
  •  Strengthen Maritime Security
  •  Deliver The New Smart Center
  •  New Diver Decompression Chamber
  •  New Water Ambulance (DELIVERED!)

As we set out to vote tomorrow, may we bear in mind that we are one people, stronger together and pressing towards the mark. I humbly ask for your vote to bring the change needed for all people in the Northern Grenadines to have a brighter future and a seat at the table. I ask you to elect me as your Parliamentary Representative.

Vote ULP and together let us Lift SVG Higher.

Agustus M. Carlos Williams | ULP Candidate for Northern Grenadines

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