Friday, January 28, 2022


Prime Minister Gonsalves said he is hopeful that teacher Shevern John who unsuccessfully contested the North Windward seat on an NDP ticket will be reinstated if she wishes to re-apply.

Speaking at his swearing-in ceremony earlier today at Government House, the Prime Minister told the small gathering of family, friends and well-wishers:

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“I will hold a conversation with Chairman of the Public Service Commission to indicate to him that despite the fact that they have all [resigned] that if his office and that of the Chief Personnel Officer can work alongside with the relevant departments… to see whether all of those teachers who are not yet of retirement age, if they wish to return into the public service, into the teaching service,” can be reappointed.

Governor General Dame Susan Dougan advised the Prime Minister to seek reconciliation as far as practicable noting that while the elections were spirited contests, the nation had to unite in order to move forward.

In heeding the Governor General’s advice, the Prime Minister also pledged to speak to the Chairman of the Public Service Commission to lobby for the appointment of other teachers including Elvis Daniel, Kenroy Johnson and Addison Thomas who were not reappointed following their defeat at the 2010 polls.

The issue of the reappointment of teachers was one of the concerns raised by the Public Service Union in endorsing the opposition New Democratic Party days prior to the Nov 5th general elections.

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