Monday, January 24, 2022


ULP supporters across the country have been expressing shock and dismay over the East Kingstown results.

The East Kingstown seat which was speculated to be a close contest between ULP’s Luke Browne and political newcomer Fitz Bramble did not materialise on election night.

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The first box out of the Wheel, Sion Hill was of concern when Browne haemorrhaged 17 needed votes if he wanted to close the 149 vote deficit from the 2015 general elections.

That concern grew into a nightmare as the night went on with Bramble outperforming former Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace.

Luke who is still a very young man will have another bite at the cherry if he chooses to stick around in electoral politics but he will first have to understand why his support in Rockies in particular failed to show up and/or turned to NDP.

Browne who appeared to be heartbroken was consoled by a throng of supporters as he wept loudly in their presence following his shocking defeat.  

Some have started throwing out names for a replacement candidate who may have a closer connection with people across the political divide.

Persons in the ULP camp speculate that Luke maybe made an Ambassador rather than continue as a Senator in parliament. The East Kingstown constituency is said to be special with the dynamic very different from other constituencies.

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  1. When I heard that ULP East Kingstown strategists thought that Luke could have possibly won the seat, I shook my head. ULP are fans of polling the constituents, counting their numbers, and adding up. But they are blinded and deaf to the needs of the people. Handouts lasts only so long.! Walk around EK on any given day and see the number of persons unemployed! People want steady work. So ULP hope that enough would have received a little something and would vote ULP – is a fallacy! It worked in 2015 but it is now 2020 ( seeing clearer)!


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