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The ‘grand protest’ expected tomorrow Monday November 8th, 2020 outside the Administrative Complex in Kingstown may not spark as NDP activists are divided over the planned protest.

With the absence of leadership from Dr. Godwin Friday who has not publicly addressed party supporters since his electoral loss, some NDP activists have launched a protest in the name of North Windward candidate, teacher Shevern John.

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The planned protest is calling for the re-appointment of Ms John to the teaching profession. While the protest is set to go ahead, Prime Minister Dr Gonsalves during his swearing-in ceremony yesterday told the Governor General that he would like to see Ms John back in the classroom if she so desires.

However, some persons have questioned the true motive of the protest since Ms John may be eying a senatorial position due to her performance at the polls. Political observers note that a Senator John, one of the bright prospects for the NDP is better for the party strategically moving forward.

Some of the organisers however say that the protest has more to do with creating the environment for bringing down the ULP government.

One of the leading faces Ms Adriana King said:

“People seem not to understand the game of politics and believe that change is something that comes easy and without effort.”

Another who is a lawyer by profession went further:

“If we await a party leader to demise or the party to crumble is a long waiting game. You must break it from the outside while it cracks within.”

However, many of the NDP supporters were in total disagreement with such a ‘tactical miscalculation’ stating:

“Why some of y’all does can’t rock back and stop making the NDP look weak. Labour is at their strongest at this time and all y’all could study is to protest! I am not endorsing this!! Alyo must try and take a page out of ULP’s book and only move when their leader says so. Y’all does make people want to leave NDP when y’all keep behaving in this manner. Time and place for every thing. Rock back and chill.”

Another supporter exclaimed:

“Alyo should be shame to be still talking bout “Ralph thief the election”…20 darm years and NDP haven’t figured out how to stop ULP from “thiefing the election”? What does that say about NDP?”

“Instead of the “they thief the election” rhetoric, NDP needs to look within and make the necessary changes…instead of gaining ground, you lost a seat…close as the vote were…you still lost a seat…reorganize your party and stop this “Ralph thief the election again” nonsense…it’s not a good look…Alyo starting to sound like Cry Babies now man…ah garn.”

One final warning was sent that shows the protest action may not attract wide support:

“Protest for what , you guys couldn’t even shake the ulp when they had a one seat majority now they have a two seat majority you think that you have a greater chance, don’t be foolish.”

The plan to protest may very well blow-up in the face of organisers as there is no indication that they have taken time to solicit the wishes of Ms John for her to determine her next step.

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