Sunday, December 5, 2021


A fundamental and major problem with NDP, is the party’s leadership (I mean both elected members and executive members of the party). I have come to noticed that they’ve an abrasive and arrogant personality style. Their speeches and Facebook posts merely offers conjectures, innuendoes and wild claims that have proven to be unfounded. Their opinion, well, is simply just that.

The party’s hubris will continue to be its downfall. The NDP is its own Achilles heel. They can’t celebrate anything good about SVG because they’ve conditioned their minds into believing that it’s not politically expedient to do so. This is also because they’ve applied the Schmittian political framework in how they engage politics: the distinction between friend and enemy in politicking. Thus, ULP has been socially constructed as the enemy and therefore, our friends [party supporters & pundits alike] must not speak positive of anything good the ULP has done.

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The NDP also relies heavily on “emotions” rather than facts or reason. Scottish philosopher David Hume argued that human beings tend to vote base on emotion. Perhaps, this is why the NDP puts a lot into running their campaign on emotion.

Then, again, we might just simply be political animals driven by emotions. The Greek philosopher Aristotle viewed man place in the world to be that of an animal, but the only animal that could be described as ‘political,’ capable of, and designed by nature for, life in a polis. This might explain NDP’s relentless political fervour before, during and even after a general election – but one primarily driven by emotions.

Scarily, the NDP seems to have a proclivity to appeal to our population’s basic human nature in Hobbesian fashion. They also select candidates that are grossly incompetent. For example, Patel Mathews on the issue of marijuana & Fitz Bramble flawed economics and illogical pie in the sky ideas.

Athenian philosopher Plato warned us about these very dangers of democracy. Plato candidly observed: Neither democracy or oligarchy was a unified or harmonious regime, even during peace times. This is because oligarchies created battlegrounds between the rich and the poor; and democracies were in danger of being ruled by whim, mass ignorance and hysteria rather than by reason, making them fatally inconsistent over time.

The latter is more relevant to NDP. If they NDP were to get into power with these grossly unqualified people (MP’s & executive members), they’ll form a government that will be both a kleptocracy and kakistocracy. The NDP needs new people. Not necessarily new ideas. They need decent, honest and competent people who will appeal to the people’s unconsciousness and use empirical evidence to substantiate their policy positions.

If the NDP had won the general elections, I would’ve congratulated them. I think it’s petulant for the NDP not to congratulate the ULP on its historic “5 in a row” victory. However, I’m not surprised. We have seen this movie before. Remember how long it took them to congratulate our country on being elected to the UN Security Council? The lustreless congratulatory statement only came after “saner” heads in the NDP camp excoriated them for not doing so, immediately.

Once again, the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines (and no, not “hungry” people) have spoken in a free and fair general elections. They’ve decided to re-elect the Most Honourable “Political World Boss” Dr Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party, who will form a new government. This, however, is not a time for arrogance. The ULP victory, though, historic and a remarkable feat, it also lost the popular vote for the first time in a very longtime. I will urge the ULP to do a little introspection. The party is not invincible.

Nevertheless, you’ve earned the right to celebrate. You’ve done a lot in terms of education, infrastructural development, transforming our socio-economic ontological structures and revolutionising aspects of our society. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’ve done a great job thus far, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. We need to reach out to those people who feel marginalised and alienated.

Lastly, we as a nation and a people need to be frank about a simple truth – government can’t fix every problem. We have to do our part in the process of nation building. Former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley wrote and spoke extensively about the importance of “discipline” and “personal responsibility,” as potent elements for nation building. Together, we will Lift SVG Higher.

Congratulations to Dr Ralph Gonsalves and the Unity Labour Party.

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  1. It is clear that this writer is fill with biases against the NDP , this article is not objective at all . If you are critiquing the just concluded general elections in SVG a better job can be done. WHAT I HAVE JUST READ IS A ONE-SIDED AFFAIR. The writer might be closer to the happenings than I am but at best the article is a poor analysis.


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