Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Wednesday, May 18, 2022


There is another issue that has plagued me for some time. I heard, before the PM confirmed it, that there is NO meaningful or significant consultation with the leader of the opposition or the PSU concerning the selection of 1 to 3 members on the Public Service Commission (PSC) – in accordance with section 77 of the constitution of SVG.

When we hear of consult, what comes to mind? Apparently consultation is in the form of a phone call (by the PM to the Opposition leader and the PSU) to say this is whom I have selected. Does that sound like consultation? Honestly, it sounds unbelievable to me and a bit autocratic. This form of “consultation” does not embrace the values of inclusiveness which the Governor General (our representative head of state) “advised” the PM to adopt.

Now to be fair to the PM, the definition of consult has multiple meanings. I will list 2 definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary:

  1. To get information or advice from a person or to discuss with someone before you make a decision.
  2. To inform someone about a situation, often in order to get an approval for an action you plan to take.

The Opposition leader and the PSU will look at the term consult through the democratic lens of the 1st definition, while the PM seems to view it via the autocratic shades of the 2nd definition (well, the first phrase of the 2nd definition).

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It would be interesting to know what was the real intent of the lawmakers when this piece of legislation was created. Nevertheless; in the true spirit of democracy and inclusiveness or togetherness, the PM should actively and meaningfully engage both parties before an agreed consensus is arrived at. Maybe my thinking is utopic in nature, maybe it is “aspirational” as opposed to a victory for inclusivity. I believe that such an approach is within the gamut of the constitution and will greatly and fairly benefit ALL Public Servants, if that is what the PM truly desires.

There is always the speculation that ALL of the members on the PSC are members, supporters or financiers of the ruling administration. Let us dispel that notion by being more inclusive so that the politics in this country will be more than party, but more about people and more about Vincy.

I want to once more encourage all citizens to put aside partisan politics and join the PSU, as our PM himself was a voracious fighter for the unions, a fighter for rights. Let your voice be heard as 1 people and 1 Vincy.

By: A Candid Observer

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