Thursday, December 2, 2021


Kenrick Alexander, a Vincentian who is a football coach in Rochester, New York, has taken a dim view of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation’s (SVGFF) effort to have a meaningful Youth Development Football Programme.

And having made his assessment, Alexander is calling on the President of the SVGFF- Carl Dickson and the Technical Director- Keith Ollivierre, to address the matter with urgency. 

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“Looking from the outside, there is nothing much happening in terms of  Youth Development…. Honestly, I don’t see our country moving forward in that structure … We are not building a foundation for the sport of football in our country,” Alexander reasoned.

He added, “The fundamentals of the beautiful game is being jeopardised and our youths are suffering… No organised games, tournaments, training or structure from the National Executive level for these youths….Look at this, the last time the SVGFF was looking for youth players for the Under-15 boys and girls, they had to go into the communities and look for players, because there was no competition, so no database on the youths.”

Calling on the Executive of the SVGFF to place a firm handle on Youth Football, Alexander proffered: “Leaving it up to clubs defeats the purpose of Youth Development.” 

Continuing his swipe at the lack of progress in the development programmes, Alexander noted that the Technical Department of the SVGFF should be deploying coaches to the various communities, and have the young boys and girls active and learning the rudiments of the sport. 

“There are coaches who are being paid by the SVGFF, get them out to help develop the youths… Children were out of school.. no football, no camps …They do not have a future in sports if they don’t play, as it makes no sense,” Alexander lamented.

In offering further advice to the national policy makers of football,  Alexander said a critical part of the development process should involve the procurement of equipment for administering a proper Youth Programme.

Alexander said that from his analysis, the powers that be in football here in St Vincent and the Grenadines believe that football is only for grown people, hence, their neglect of a meaningful Youth Development System.

Source: The Vincentian

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