Saturday, December 4, 2021


On Friday, January 15th, 2021 AdzVillage Advertising, and marketing Company which was founded in 2002 by Vincentian Mr. Sean Samuel will officially roll out SVG’s first locally-owned social network for Vincentians.

This social network called “Vincy Community” was created for Vincentians locally and in the Diaspora to connect and share what is currently happening in their respective communities. 

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This platform also connects all local businesses with the people through giveaways competitions, treasure hunts, groups, and much more. This platform allows its members to shop within its own community.

The founder of the company Mr. Sean Samuel with a wealth of knowledge in Social media marketing has seen it fit to mastermind this tech product that will make online engagement by Vincentians more rewarding, fun & exciting. We have changed the way Vincentians engage online. We are giving them rewards.

Vincy Community is a merger of social media with eCommerce and thus encourages Vincentians using our platform to purchase items through our e-store says, Samuel.

Our members earn points for daily website interactions such as daily logins, adding friends, etc… e.g members can earn 1 point for adding a friend as well as sending a private message to a friend…

“The other social networks do not reward its members and have been growing rapidly, can you imagine where this product can reach?”.

“What I am happy about is that this product is unique and one of a kind… there’s not another product like this on the market. The only product of this nature online.

Vincy community has already gone through its vigorous testing and members are already participating in its offers.

Few features include:

Shop– Our shop or e-store allows our members to purchase products & services.

Timeline–members create posts just like any other social platform, but we reward them with Loyalty Points.

Treasure Hunt– This feature enables our members to earn extra Loyalty Points for finding the treasure hidden within particular areas of our network.

Loyalty Points–When a member interacts with our website they earn loyalty points for daily logins, making friends, sending private messages, posting to your timeline, and more. Loyalty Points are also transferable to another community member.

Vincentian Stories –features-Local achievements, vincy workplace(focuses on workers), Vincy views(members talks about what is trending), Vincy diaries(dramatized real-life stories), birthdays celebrations, anniversaries, memories of loved ones & more.

Badges–Members are given badges according to their activities on our website.

Classifieds ads–this FREE feature allows any individuals or business to showcase a product or service.

Community Board–features daily, weekly & monthly bulletin on any upcoming events.

Coupons–members earn Loyalty Points from coupons given by our team or our partner businesses.

Giveaways– Our Business partners will give items to our members for interacting with their groups 

Groups–members can create all types of groups that match their promotions.

Go to www.vincycommunity to get more about this new online business venture by our very own Vincentian and to become a FREE member.  

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